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I love people who change their name. Whether it be their first name, adding another first- or middle name or changing your last one when you get married. Regardless of it being because of gender or just for fun, it shows a certain nihilist ‘it doesn’t matter anyways, so why not’-attitude. That being said, changing your name from Crawly to Crowley seems a bit unoriginal.

My opinion and also roasting of the snek

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Is Deidara a tsundere?


Well quite frankly…

My impulse answer was “yes.”

But quite frankly…

CUZ On one hand……………..

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Deidara is a really nuanced character. I used to hate him when I was younger just because of How popular he was to the fandom, but I grew up a lot and realized I don’t really hate him as a character, just a lot of fan portrayal of him and the over saturation of him as an Akatsuki member. (same with Itachi. Like Deidara and Itachi were the only Akatsuki members who had any sort of merchandise for a long time before any of my favs got made into necklaces or plushies.) 

I would say he’s Tsundere in some regards. Tsundere just means someone who  initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time. 

While I guess that could be Deidara, cause after all my impulse was “Yes.”

Cause after all he seems angry towards Tobi and a lot of people he comes across only coming to respect Sasori-danna as he calls him. Buttttt….

He shows respect for Konan and Kisame. Refering to Kisame as “Danna” as well. 

While Hidan seems to fit the Tsundere bill as in “I hate everyone” vibes until you are nice to me, but I’m a major dick so no one will be nice to me.

I don’t really get the same kind of vibe from Deidara.

While Deidara despises Itachi and all sharingan for humiliating him and his eyes mocking his art, he seems to be on friendly terms with Kisame.

But then again these are all Akatsuki members he might of hated at first. I don’t know.

Deidare possesses some Tsundere qualities but idk if I would call him one. He’s just a firecracker of emotion.

A temper that burns for a very short time before it’s blown up and forgotten about. 

Although looking through the “Dere” troupe list I found soemthing amusing.

10. Undere: A relatively obscure character type. The undere combines the deredere, dandere, and a sprinkle of yandere. These character always say “yes” (un) to their loved ones as a way to stay close to them.Popular examples: Misa Amane (Death Note) / Minami Kotori (Love Live!)

Ha so there ya go. XD un un un XD

To all of you asking me why I haven’t uploaded Fruit Punch Lips yet, I just found out the reason; it’s called summer in Greece…

Ok im fuckn done y the fuck does this idiot have his hair stuffed under his gigantic super villain cape which is probably as heavy as the compiled weight of all the clothes i wear in a goddamn week????????

Let me tell you something my hair is as thick, dense, and heavy and ryouma’s and before i hacked it all off, it was almost as long as this moron’s hair is. And i may be bananas but i am not psychotic enough nor am i dumb enough to have long hair like that underneath the collar of anything

Like when u wear it like this u cant prevent ur hair from yanking ur skull back every time u lean back against something. Enjoy ur whiplash u stupid motherfucker

And when ur hair is thick it hurts even more not to mention that having that much in the back of ur clothes feels like u have a dead cat shoved in there or something

And dont fucking tell me that it would look ridiculous going over a popped collar as big as that cause its ur own damn fault for thinking that it looks cool and getting it in the first place

I mean just look at this loser

The combination of two ‘fakes’, makes a real; Davehalsprite^2  ◥▶◀◤
- Shoutout to @jaboody for introducing me to just about the saddest character and @davspriite for ‘creating’ him. I’m in love. *robotic caw* ;y

It’s Pride Week here in Ireland. I was in Latvia for Euro Pride last week and it reminded me that so many countries have yet a long way to go to make sure all of their citizens have equal rights.

Regardless of where you live, this is your week. Love who you are because there is nothing wrong with it. You are awesome and there is so much light you have yet to discover. 

Remember that you are loved and that when the march kicks off in Ireland on Saturday, we’re not just marching here in Dublin. We’re marching for you too - whether you’re in Ireland, Europe or outside it. All of us are behind you - and I know you will be amazing. 

Just let yourself see the beauty in you. You will never be alone. 

Dersha Drabble: Who the hell is Mandy?

Drabble #7. Season 3. Episode 10. Who the hell is Mandy?

Here’s my take on how the Mandy situation will pan out in the finale. I incorporated @southernbell-11-2016 idea into this too. Enjoy.

The mood of the entire Devils Nation was pretty somber. A week ago, they had lost a very special person that could never be replaced. Raquel’s spirit would live on in each one of them forever. Even after a week, the loss of their dear friend still hadn’t sunk in all the way.  At times, Ahsha found herself going through the motions without thinking. Her mind was stuck on her friend; a friend Ahsha didn’t get to spend a long time with but the impact left on her life would forever change her.

Everyone had that rock they could lean on during the tough times. Derek happened to be Ahsha’s rock when she had her moments. He had been nothing but supportive and Ahsha would be forever grateful for it.

“I’m going to help Kyle pack up Raquel’s things later on,” Ahsha said, curling a piece of her hair. Derek had just stepped out of the shower and was drying himself off. Neither one of them realized how domestic they had become.

“Oh okay. Cool. I had some business to handle anyway,” Derek replied.

“Something wrong,” Ahsha questioned, noticing the odd tone in Derek’s voice. He sounded nervous or worried.

“Huh…no, everything is fine. I just have to get this handled before the end of the day. Everything’s good, babe,” Derek answered, wrapping his arms around Ahsha’s waist.

“Hmm,” she hummed, not buying his story at all. Resting against his naked body, she closed her eyes.  His phone ringing from the counter interrupted their intimate moment.

Derek simply glanced over at the blinking screen and pressed ignore. Ahsha had caught the name ‘Mandy’ flashing across the screen before he quickly ended the call. “Who was that,” Ahsha asked, trying her best not to sound like she was accusing him of anything.

“Oh nobody important. Just someone that works for my lawyer,” he said, turning his back to continue drying his wet skin.

“Shouldn’t you answer that then,” Ahsha questioned, raising a brow, though Derek wasn’t looking at her.  

“Nah, she didn’t want anything. I’ll call them back later on today.”

Ahsha couldn’t help the irritation building up inside of her. The last time a woman had popped up, Derek admitted later on that he used to sleep with her. Hopefully that wasn’t the case this time around but Ahsha’s eyes were wide open.


Once Ahsha left the mansion to head over to Kyle’s, Derek called Mandy back. They had a few last minute things to talk about before the big night. He hated lying to Ahsha but this secret could not be ruined since it was the biggest one yet.

After talking with Mandy, Derek decided to get advice from his best friend. What he was about to do was something Derek Roman had ever thought of doing in his life. Maybe the right girl hadn’t come along until Ahsha stepped into his life. Terrence was more than happy to meet with his friend since they barely had time to catch up outside of practice or games. They decided to meet at the arena to shoot a few hoops and catch up on life.

“Hey D,” Terrence greeted as he stepped foot on the court. Derek had arrived early and was already shooting baskets. His nerves were all over the place and he couldn’t just sit around the mansion all day and let them eat at him.

“Hey man,” Derek replied, giving his best friend the bro clasp and hug. “Thanks for coming out. I know you’re busy helping Jelena plan the wedding and all.”

“Ha! I’m leaving that mess to her. If it were up to me, you know I would get married on the beach and be done. You know how women can be. ‘I want the biggest wedding of them all. Blah, blah, blah,’” Terrence mocked in a high voice.

“Tell me about it,” Derek laughed, tossing the basketball in Terrence’s direction. “Speaking of weddings…”

Right away, Terrence read his teammate’s facial expression. “Wait a minute…I know I’m not witnessing what I think I am.”

Derek’s silence answered Terrence’s question.

“You’re for real about this,” Terrence exclaimed, barely able to form words. He couldn’t believe his ears and figured Derek was joking around. This was the same guy who had three girls in his bed at a time. Derek was the guy who vowed to never catch feelings for any woman because he loved the bachelor life. Even when Derek met Ahsha, Terrence assumed his friend was just using a fresh piece of meat to satisfy his player appetite. Seeing his friend become a better man before his eyes was a testament to how great a woman Ahsha was. Though they had barely said a word to each other, Terrence knew Ahsha was a good woman and loved Derek.

“These past few weeks have really put things into perspective for me, man. Between this crap with German and Raquel passing away…life’s too short and I’m ready for this,” Derek stated. “She’s the one.”

Terrence was clearly taken aback. “Wow! Is this really the Derek Roman I’ve known all these years,” Terrence smirked, clasping Derek’s shoulder. “Well if that’s what you’re feeling go for it. No use in waiting if you really think this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Derek nodded as a smile crossed his face. “I need your help though. This whole ring business has me a little caught up. Mandy, my jeweler, has two rings ready but I can’t decide which one to get.”

Terrence leaned in as Derek showed him two pictures on his cellphone. “Damn, those are some big rocks! I would go with this one though.”

“That’s what I was thinking. Ahsha isn’t into flashy jewelry but I’m wanting to get her a good size ring,” Derek added. “I’ll let Mandy know then.”

“I still can’t believe what I’m hearing.  My best friend is really about to propose. Hell is truly freezing over,” Terrence laughed. “Congrats bro!”

“Hey, she has to say yes first,” came Derek’s reply.

“Which she will! There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Derek hoped Terrence was right because he was nervous as hell.


Later that night at the game, Ahsha approached Derek, clearly bothered by something. He assumed she was still upset about him not answering his phone earlier and had gotten suspicious. It was really hard to keep a secret from Ahsha because she was constantly digging for information if she felt like she was being lied to.

With hand on hip, Ahsha narrowed her eyes and spat, “Who the hell is Mandy?”

Derek’s heart stopped. Mandy had met with him at the arena earlier and probably ran into Ahsha on her way out. He had told Mandy to remain incognito, but she was super excited about a possible engagement and couldn’t wait to meet the lucky lady. “Mandy?”

The infamous Hayes head tilt appeared as Ahsha spoke again. “Yes, Mandy. She approached me outside of the arena today talking about you. Who is she? Another groupie? Is this one Mandy with an “i” or silent “y”?”

Clearly, Ahsha was pissed off. She wasn’t in the mood for any more secrets and thought they had put everything out on the table. Now with this strange woman approaching her about Derek, Ahsha felt betrayed. “Ahsha….”

“Tell me right now, is this another groupie,” Ahsha questioned, her patience running thin. The last time a woman had approached Ahsha outside of the arena, it was one of Derek’s old groupies. Mandy didn’t look like the typical groupie but that didn’t make Ahsha feel any better. Groupies came in many shapes and sizes these days.

“No, she’s not,” Derek replied.

“Then who is she,” Ahsha continued, still digging for answers. She refused to let Derek off the hook until he told her something about this Mandy chick.

“I can’t tell you that right now. But she’s not who you think she is. I’ve already been up front with you about my past and she’s not in it. Trust me,” Derek explained, trying to keep his plan under wraps. His girlfriend wasn’t making it easy with her questions and womanly intuition.


“Baby, she’s no one. I need to get back there to warm-up. We’ll talk after the game,” he urged, leaning in to kiss Ahsha’s lips. Still not satisfied with his answer, Ahsha moved her head causing Derek’s lips to land on her cheek instead.

He hated leaving her thinking that he was being unfaithful but hopefully later on that night it would be worth it.


Everyone was in on Derek’s secret minus Ahsha. Kyle had talked with her friend earlier about Derek’s odd behavior and it took everything out of her not to laugh in Ahsha’s face. Derek had let Kyle know a week ago that he planned on proposing to Ahsha. After everything that had happened in the last few weeks, he didn’t want to have any more regrets. The speech about building a kingdom wasn’t a gimmick. No woman had touched Derek the way Ahsha had touched him and made him want to be a better man. There was absolutely no one who walked into his life and made him feel like Ahsha did. She was a special girl and couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. This was the woman he wanted to be the mother of his children. Ahsha Hayes was the queen of his kingdom and he wanted her forever.

Kyle’s job was to get Ahsha dressed and send her to meet Derek at the overlook. Then Kyle was to go wait for them at Sloane and Pete’s. With Mandy’s help, Derek had the overlook decorated with white rose petals and bulb lights that hung from the trees. When Ahsha pulled up, her bright eyes widened as she closed her car door. The last time another woman came up, he made a similar gesture. Was this his way of softening the blow again?

“What’s all this,” Ahsha began.

Derek couldn’t help the grin that threatened to form on his lips. He could already tell Ahsha was beyond frustrated with him.

“You know what, you aren’t going to get me this time. I’m not about to play your game, Derek. Are you doing all this to soften the blow again? Is Mandy a baby mama, a wife, an ex-girlfriend trying to make her way back into your life,” Ahsha rambled, now with her back to Derek. He took the opportunity to get down on one knee. “You said we would be honest with ea-“ Ahsha’s rant was cut short once she saw Derek down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face. “Derek?”

“You know I hate keeping secrets from you but this one was worth it. Mandy isn’t any of those things, she’s actually my jeweler. The jeweler that helped me pick out your ring,” Derek explained as tears formed in Ahsha’s eyes.

“Derek,” she whispered again, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.

“Ahsha, these last few weeks have changed all of our lives and it’s put things into perspective for me. You have forever changed my life, made me a better man and I know I want forever with you. You’re the woman I want to build my kingdom with.  You’re who I want to be the mother of my children. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I can’t imagine doing that with anyone else. Ahsha Hayes, will you marry me?”

Ahsha was so overcome with emotion that she could barely speak. “Y-y-yes. Yes!”

The weight that had been sitting on Derek’s shoulders all day had finally been lifted. Grabbing Ahsha’s left hand, he slid the 18k rock onto her ring finger. Derek stood to his feet and cupped Ahsha’s face, placing a tender kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” Ahsha whispered into his lips, still choked up and in shock.

“And I love you,” Derek replied, pulling back to get a good look at his future wife. The moment was surreal for the both of them. “I better get you home so we can celebrate.”

“Orrrrr, we can celebrate here. For old time’s sake,” she purred, running her index finger down his chest.

Liking the sound of that, Derek lifted Ahsha off her feet and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Whatever you say Mrs. Roman.”

“Ohhh, I like the sound of that. Say it again,” Ahsha hummed as Derek walked them over to his black Ferrari.

“Mrs. Roman,” he muttered, kissing her lips and gently placing her on the hood of his car.

It was the start of a very long night of celebration.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed!

My New Years’ Resolution- Learning Japanese

My New Years’ Resolution is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I’ve been trying to build up to it the past few months, but I’ve decided that I want to learn Japanese!

I plan on teaching myself the best I can over the next several months, and I really want to genuinely try to put in an effort to learn this time, as opposed to the other times I’ve tried to learn a language. And with enough effort and some luck, I hope to be able to succeed this time.