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please for the love of god if you see this post go read a manga called “kaguya wants to be confessed to” it is the most excruciatingly well executed slow burn I have ever been subjected to in my life. this is far beyond your regular slow burn this is like, global warming. the only one who is burning is me because these idiots still haven’t fucking confessed.

it’s set in a really prestigious high school you generally can’t get into without connections. the titular character kaguya shinomiya is from a really rich family and super talented at everything and she’s the vice president of the student council. the president is miyuki shirogane who’s from a commoner family and managed to get into the school through overwhelmingly good grades and sheer hard work. they’re head over heels for each other but too damn prideful to admit it so they keep getting into complex “I knew that you knew that-” mind games with each other trying to get the other to confess first and in the process just keep falling for each other more like a bunch of idiots.

a lot of the humour comes from the ridiculous mind games kaguya and miyuki get into and how the other characters keep ruining said games but also for example their lifestyle differences caused by their backgrounds (such as kaguya being really sheltered & not knowing innuendos and miyuki looking really mean even though he’s a softie because he’s always overworked). the art style is really fun and it often switches back and forth between shoujo and straight up horror manga faces for comedic effect. 

it starts off strong and only gets better because before you know it you’re actually invested in these idiots and it’s had me almost falling off my chair laughing several times through its impeccable comedic timing. please do yourself a favour and read kaguya wants to be confessed to

for anyone who cares, i just wanted to say the sneak peek i’m gonna put up is a very simple scene nothing too like.. major?? but i didnt write much content before and i had to pull something out of what I had written so far and I’m not gonna give away the love confession scene cus spoilers and all.. so ur gonna get a tiny scene from later on thats not really anything big…. i hope thats cool

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🍹 (anything georgia wants to confess cus Alyssa'll confess a secret too)

Georgia leaned on her hand covering her face, sitting next to alyssa at a bar. she was sobbing while her third shot glass. “g-g-god!!! back in my blackwatch days i fuckin blamed jack and the rest of the guys!!! they were so damn close to my mother yet they allowed her to die because they were more worried..” she hiccuped, looking at the other, her face was red. “and…and they were all more worried about gerard…FUCKIN GERARD!! EVERYTHING was about that Gobshite!!”

’I’m also worried about Stefan and Caroline. I have to assume he’s not going to give up so easily…?
Let’s hope not, because the last time he didn’t step up and make his feelings clear, there were six episodes of consequences. I think that, if nothing else, Stefan deserves his say in the matter. I think he’ll have a point of view that he’ll share and that’s important for [Caroline] to hear.
—  Julie Plec [x]