S.A.S Flick about the Iranian Embassy Siege?!

H Y P E 


Automatic NPC generator in-game always makes this mess. Randomly generated outfit, accessories valid for random, overlapped NPCs. While actually I don’t mind, but I feel annoyance everytime I’m in serious scene in-game especially on winter season, there are NPCs intervening with ridiculous randomly generated accessories attached to them when wearing outerwear. Sending NPCs to CAS to remove the accessories consumes times, of course.  

FOR CREATORS: Please make sure if you create accessories, especially if they are cloned from EA’s eyeglasses,  don’t forget to unchecked “valid for random” on TSRW or CTU so NPCs would not show up with randomly generated accessories attached to them.  

Because the randomly shown up accessories will make inconvenient appearance in-game.  It’s bothersome for downloaders to sort all accessories in packages folder to be unchecked “valid for random” using TSRW. 

So for creators, better to unchecked “valid for random”. It takes less than one minute to do it. Thank you very much. 


I read Cuticle Inaba.. And noticed there were actually alot of Haruka Inaba x Natsuki fluff scenes in there…

And im aching inside because we know Natsuki is all about Yataro…

And i just wanna have an answer if Haruka has this crush on her because look at how he looks at her..!

Why will the mangaka make him do a spit-take when Natsuki wanted to sleep beside him? Why is Kei still ‘pushing’ the idea (that Haruka likes her) by teasing him? What was with the dramatic ‘let go’ of the hand? Whats with the panels of him (always) looking at her after she says something so bright? Why does Yataro feel a (little) bit jealous when the two are interacting.

I just cant ignore the fact 〒_〒 because every panel, ever action has a meaning behind it!

Also if u wanna check the scenes, here:

Chapter 29- Haruka holds Natsukis hand when she started crying, saying she could hold his until she stops crying. Kei basing from his observation and (Harukas) kind gesture has this gut-feeling that Haruka may harbor feelings for Natsuki.

Chapter 32- (side story) @the department store, Haruka blushes from Natsukis compliment of him looking ‘cool’

Chapter 67- Haruka is forced by Soumei to join them set-up the doll display that Natsuki wanted to see (he even mentioned that Natsuki will look cuter when she smiles)… Haruka then asks Natsuki if she found the dolls rather creepy, she replied with a no and added that the dolls fair skin are pretty, just like him. Haruka only looks at her with no reply.

Chapter 69- the Nora team gets sick, with Natsuki panicking (first time to get sick) and is too scared to sleep alone, she insisted to sleep with Haruka (causing him to do a Spit-take).

Chapter 89- Haruka grateful for Natsukis doings (knocking out his annoying brother) smiles and pets her head as he praises her ‘causing Natsuki to feel embarass

Chapter 101- Confrontation between Haruka and Soumei (who have already found his body), the scene took a dramatic turn as both pointed their guns (although Haruka got shot in the hand). Good thing Natsuki was their to save Haruka, running off to the Goats hide-out.

Chapter 102- After betraying NORA (and almost crossing the river to death), Haruka wakes up with Natsuki looking after him. He questions her stay, but Natsuki could only smile while saying that she just couldn’t leave Haruka by himself. Haruka looks at her (like how he looks at her when she compliments him or says something nice from previous chapters), then ask her if she was lying.

Chapter 104- After turning themselves to the police, and staying at Hiroshis house, another complicated situation rises. Haruka (who thinks that NORA is behind the controversy) indirectly comforts Natsuki, saying that she doesn’t have to cooperate with the police and that his own testimony is enough. Meanwhile Kei was sensing that Haruka does like Natsuki, as he smirked at the boys action.

The cape hoarding is getting out of hand.

            I am outraged that you all would say this to me…

24: A Summary
  • Jack Bauer: You have to listen to me or there's going to be another attack
  • Chloe O'Brian: Of course. Even if we didn't have a long personal history of working together I'd still help you because you've always been right in the past
  • CTU: No
  • FBI: No
  • CIA: No
  • Cabinet Members: No
  • Foreign Officials: No
  • Presidential Advisers: No
  • President: No
  • Terrorist: *launches another attack*
  • Everyone: Give Bauer whatever he needs to stop this
  • Jack Bauer: So you'll listen to me in the future?
  • Everyone: Probably not
Things that happen in almost every season of 24

- There’s a mole in CTU!

- Jack goes rogue

- CTU director disagrees with Jack, Jack ends up being right

- The only lead is in critical condition

- Tony Almeida, “yeah” and “all right”

- Kim is in danger!

- David Palmer is honest unlike every other politician.

- Jack evades death

- Everyone on Jack’s team dies in a firefight but him

- “We can cut you deal, but you need to tell me NOW!”

- The problem just became nuclear! (how do terrorists keep getting these nuclear weapons?)

- All locations in LA are five minutes away from CTU

- The only way to convince someone to drop their weapons is with the phrase “INSERT NAME, it’s over”

- “We’re/I’m out of time!”

- Someone puts their family/love interest in front of national security

- “Just do your job”

- Someone is trying to escape CTU, quick sound the alarm!

- Chloe saying something rude or blunt after a tragic event

- Jack is hit or miss with a rifle, but give him a pistol and he never misses

- “Thank you Mr. President.”

- Jack has to ask where it is over and over

- Jack’s wounds and injuries heal almost instantly (he survived a plane crash and was barely phased by it!)

- They seal a hard perimeter yet the bad guy escapes

- The 25th Amendment is used

- David Palmer listens to Jack’s opinion over anyone else

- “I want full immunity”

- Jack is reinstated at CTU for just one task, he ends up leading every major lead by the end of the day


Kateb demonstrates a high degree of empathy for human sufferung; he is a rare genuine altruist. He sees military service (Especially the role of CTUs like GIGN) as noble in their dedication to protecting civilians. He considers the front line his natural habitat, as it provides him with the opportunity to have direct influence and impact the welfare of the unit. His proclivity for conflict resolution makes him a valuable asset.” 

Gustave “Doc” Kateb【Aesthetic】