24: A Summary
  • Jack Bauer: You have to listen to me or there's going to be another attack
  • Chloe O'Brian: Of course. Even if we didn't have a long personal history of working together I'd still help you because you've always been right in the past
  • CTU: No
  • FBI: No
  • CIA: No
  • Cabinet Members: No
  • Foreign Officials: No
  • Presidential Advisers: No
  • President: No
  • Terrorist: *launches another attack*
  • Everyone: Give Bauer whatever he needs to stop this
  • Jack Bauer: So you'll listen to me in the future?
  • Everyone: Probably not
Things that happen in almost every season of 24

- There’s a mole in CTU!

- Jack goes rogue

- CTU director disagrees with Jack, Jack ends up being right

- The only lead is in critical condition

- Tony Almeida, “yeah” and “all right”

- Kim is in danger!

- David Palmer is honest unlike every other politician.

- Jack evades death

- Everyone on Jack’s team dies in a firefight but him

- “We can cut you deal, but you need to tell me NOW!”

- The problem just became nuclear! (how do terrorists keep getting these nuclear weapons?)

- All locations in LA are five minutes away from CTU

- The only way to convince someone to drop their weapons is with the phrase “INSERT NAME, it’s over”

- “We’re/I’m out of time!”

- Someone puts their family/love interest in front of national security

- “Just do your job”

- Someone is trying to escape CTU, quick sound the alarm!

- Chloe saying something rude or blunt after a tragic event

- Jack is hit or miss with a rifle, but give him a pistol and he never misses

- “Thank you Mr. President.”

- Jack has to ask where it is over and over

- Jack’s wounds and injuries heal almost instantly (he survived a plane crash and was barely phased by it!)

- They seal a hard perimeter yet the bad guy escapes

- The 25th Amendment is used

- David Palmer listens to Jack’s opinion over anyone else

- “I want full immunity”

- Jack is reinstated at CTU for just one task, he ends up leading every major lead by the end of the day


[09:12] TS: So Alternia is strange.
[09:13] TS: You guys even use the foliage that is commonplace on my planet as methods of reaching a higher plane of existence.
[09:13] VA: Wh∀t ∀re you…? ∀re you t∀lking ∀bout drugs or?
[09:14] TS: Yes.
[09:14] VA: Uhhh, we use lots of pl∀nts to get high
[09:14] VA: Guess the most common is weed
[09:14] TS: Yes.
[09:14] VA: Or M∀riju∀n∀ if you w∀nt the ∀ctu∀l n∀me
[09:15] TS: As I said, things that are commonplace in drunaria.
[09:15] VA: W∀it so like
[09:15] VA: Weed just grows everywhere?
[09:15] TS: Yes.
[09:15] TS: It’s a pain.
[09:15] – vulpineAcrobat [VA] laughs –
[09:15] VA: Shit, just sell it to ∀lterni∀
[09:16] TS: Why would you guys want our weeds??
[09:16] VA: Bec∀use we c∀n smoke your sp∀ce weed ∀nd get high???
[09:16] VA: Bec∀use it feels good???
[09:16] TS: Space weed…
[09:16] VA: Well it’s weed
[09:16] VA: from outer sp∀ce
[09:18] TS: Well, next time I go, I will have to forage the weed and bring it back!
[09:18] TS: We will set it ALL aflame and get “high”!
[09:18] VA: Listen hun, moder∀tion is key
[09:19] VA: B∀sed on your h∀ndling of th∀t pistol 20 minutes ∀go, I don’t think ∀ b∀d trip would be gentle to you
[09:21] TS: I suppose so.

Space Weed Chronicles: Book 1

představ si, že bys žil ve světě, kde nejsou zrcadla. snil bys o své tváři a představoval si ji jako vnější obraz toho, co je uvnitř tebe. a potom, až by ti bylo čtyřicet, někdo by ti poprvé v životě nastavil zrcadlo. představ si ten úlek! viděl bys úplně cizí tvář. a věděl bys jasně to, co nejsi s to hápat: tvoje tvář nejsi ty.
—  nesmrtelnost
milan kundera