S.A.S Flick about the Iranian Embassy Siege?!

H Y P E 

The cape hoarding is getting out of hand.

            I am outraged that you all would say this to me…

Things that happen in almost every season of 24

- There’s a mole in CTU!

- Jack goes rogue

- CTU director disagrees with Jack, Jack ends up being right

- The only lead is in critical condition

- Tony Almeida, “yeah” and “all right”

- Kim is in danger!

- David Palmer is honest unlike every other politician.

- Jack evades death

- Everyone on Jack’s team dies in a firefight but him

- “We can cut you deal, but you need to tell me NOW!”

- The problem just became nuclear! (how do terrorists keep getting these nuclear weapons?)

- All locations in LA are five minutes away from CTU

- The only way to convince someone to drop their weapons is with the phrase “INSERT NAME, it’s over”

- “We’re/I’m out of time!”

- Someone puts their family/love interest in front of national security

- “Just do your job”

- Someone is trying to escape CTU, quick sound the alarm!

- Chloe saying something rude or blunt after a tragic event

- Jack is hit or miss with a rifle, but give him a pistol and he never misses

- “Thank you Mr. President.”

- Jack has to ask where it is over and over

- Jack’s wounds and injuries heal almost instantly (he survived a plane crash and was barely phased by it!)

- They seal a hard perimeter yet the bad guy escapes

- The 25th Amendment is used

- David Palmer listens to Jack’s opinion over anyone else

- “I want full immunity”

- Jack is reinstated at CTU for just one task, he ends up leading every major lead by the end of the day


Kateb demonstrates a high degree of empathy for human sufferung; he is a rare genuine altruist. He sees military service (Especially the role of CTUs like GIGN) as noble in their dedication to protecting civilians. He considers the front line his natural habitat, as it provides him with the opportunity to have direct influence and impact the welfare of the unit. His proclivity for conflict resolution makes him a valuable asset.” 

Gustave “Doc” Kateb【Aesthetic】