Things Daddy Does

Daddy rushed home from work yesterday to be with me at the ER for an emergency CTScan. He got me warm and snuggled in the hospital bed, sat with me while I slept, and drove me home after since I was on some pretty wicked pain medication.

Daddy continued to watch over me while I slept through the day and into the evening. He got me tucked in bed with Erma and dog, made sure I took all my medicine on time, and kept kissing me to make sure I knew I was loved.

Being a Daddy is about so much more than telling me what to do, making me tingle, or frankly, even playing a part. Being a Daddy is about taking care of the one you love so that you can continue to take care of each other. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve got the best one a girl could want @prettypinkbabygirlsdaddy

So here's the skinny on my illness

Back in early January I went to the emergency room. I had the worst lower right quad pain. Everyone immediately said appendicitis. Ctscan said noooooo it’s diverticulitis. Ok two rx antibiotics and off I go. I follow the diet and things seems ok. Approximately three weeks later, I start to feel that pain again. I touch the spot and almost jump out of my skin. I call my pcp and they have me come in. Poke poke OUCH….I want you to be admitted. (had I known) I of course declined. He gives me an rx for augmentin and off I go. Now I’m following the Mayo Clinics diet to a t out of fear alone. I also go for another ctscan. It shows that the diverticulitis is indeed still present even with the new meds on board. Doc says finish rx go straight clear fluids and I’ll set you up with a gastro specialist. Ok clear liquid diet for what seemed like forever. I see Dr. W at umass. Dr. W gets me into a room and pumps me full of iv antibiotics. He also scheduled another ctscan and told me to return the following day for more antibiotics. Ctscan shows the diverticulitis is still present. Yeah I’m saying wtf too. Nothing was making this bitch go away. However, at this point I felt no pain. He wanted to admit me but imo I’m not sick. No pain means I’m ok. Thus, I went about my life. Clearly I was wrong. My last attack was something I won’t soon forget. I was indeed admitted this go round. I got almost no sleep even with the drugs I unfortunately have amazing hearing. But, my diverticulitis is now diverticulosis. I’m in zero pain. I’m just tired and this will pass. Is this over? No. Nobody has diverticulitis for months for no reason. But for the here and now I am well and happy. I am however waiting the week out for the iv bruises to heal before I resume my sexiness. In the interim I’m staying home today and reading the rest of my book. Tomorrow I am going to the spa and getting the works. Saturday I am going to the Cape to see my young son so we can Skype with my Army son. Sunday I am going to the movie’s and dinner with my friend Melissa. Monday I’ll be back to being amazing. 💋

After 3 surgeries in 2 months you’d think I’m allowed to complain a little without people telling me I should just be thankful I’m alive.

For at least 2 weeks in the hospital, before my 3rd surgery, I was in horrible pain and coughing up blood, unable to sleep because I’d cough up a lot of blood every hour, shitting myself because of the potassium pills I had to take, I wanted to kill myself just to end the real nightmare I had to relive over and over again. It took them 10 days to give me a CTscan and realize that my heart valve had slid off again, one of my lungs is filling up with blood, and my liver was dangerously enlarged. By the time 3rd surgery had come and gone, I’d pretty much given up trying to feel things. The only thing I could feel was that fear I’d have to get another surgery. Of course by the time I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t feeling that optimistic yet. In fact, I still don’t. I know I will one day, but it’ll take time.
I think should be able to complain juuuuust a little bit about the fact that compared to the people around me and a lot of people my age, I’m a liiiiittle unlucky, especially since I have to get my blood tested and take blood thinning medication for the rest of my life. Just a bit.