<3 art | Rashaad Newsome

His website is overwhelmingly thorough, but is a bit dictatorial. Newsome has every painting, every video, every exhibition in perfect documentary order, but you can only view the work in the order in which he sets forth. Each jpg is timed- allows, I assume, the proper amount of viewing time for one to really look at the work.  That aside, Rashaad Newsome is pretty exciting. If for some reason you are unaware of his work, please allow us to introduce you to him. 

Born in 1979 in New Orleans, he now lives and works in New York City. He recently had a solo show at Marbolo Gallery,which is now attempting to target the  youth market with their programing,  andwas also featured at PS1’a Greater NY in 2010 and the 2012 Whitney Biennale. He’s most known for his video and dance performance work- voguing in particular (yes, seriously voguing) , as well as his complex and fetishized collage pieces. But for us - it’s all about the frames! Love his ornate and over the top frames, each one is a piece of art in it’s own right. 

Newsome  is creating his own distinct language. Building upon hip-hop cultureand the notion of celebrity, he creates “a ‘ghetto’ vernacular with staid European tradition”,   by combining this otherwise opposing aesthetics into his own coat of arms.  This is, as he says, “ a symbol of achievement, status and clan that dates to at least the 12th century”. Using a gold fleur-de-lis — a symbol of his hometown, New Orleans — and a leather baseball hat with the points of a crown, he   announces his urban royalty.

The artists that influence him are; “To name a few Steve Reich’s Drumming, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Merce Cunningham and John Cage”.

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<3 art | Ways of Seeing (episode 4 of 4)

John Berger analyzes how advertising and publicity relate to the tradition of painting, in the four part series. Broadcasted on the BBC, in 1972.