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That they are the things you most like to do

CT : D –> I particulary like building robots or other technologic creation

CT : D –> And fight them

CT : D –> I really liked spending time with Nepeta, too

CT : D –> And reading or watching some fine artistic realisations

CT : D –> Trading ideas about robots with the human Dirk is quite acceptable, even if he can get infurriating easily

Hey guys! Sorry for the bit of inactivity, I’ve been kinda busy preparing for next month! Here’s My #AnimeNEXT art print line up featuring 25 of my best and most recent original and fan pieces!

I’ll be sharing 3.Matoi Ryuko, 4.Kiryuin Satsuki and 23.Valor online within the week or next…or tomorrow because I’m impatient?? Pre-orders for those prints will be made available for those who aren’t attending the con with shipping beginning right after that weekend. The 9.All-Star Mei print will remain truly exclusive to AnimeNEXTers (until I manage to make an Annie Mei artbook whenever that is).

I can hardly wait to set up table in June and I hope to see lots of faces!

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Volume Rendering of a Contrast Enhanced Thoracoabdominal CT Scan.

Liver Carcinoma with Peritoneal Carcinosis; Ascites.

Stereoscopic Image, to be Viewed in Crossview Technique.

Rendered with a Carestream Workstation.