Little did little Luke know that when he posed the question “do you guys have a spare computer I can use while I’m visiting so I can join you in games” that the answer “yeah its an old family computer though” held a lot more meaning then he had interpreted.

It was when he turned it on and out of old habits born from boredly fiddling with his own computer that he clicked and dragged a few times quickly on the desktop and to his astonishment nothing happened… For about 10 seconds.
Alright… Maybe it’s just a slow booter…

20 seconds later when it finally opens he cringes.
*Processes: 190 - CPU usage: 100% - Physical Memory: 97%*

“Jesus christ”



Keyboard Binding Issues

Several keyboard shortcuts (like CTRL+ALT+ESC, and take a screen shot of an area) simply do not work for me. In the case of the first energize had mapped it to a custom command, but I deleted that custom command, and checked that it is still set for restarting Cinnamon. But it still doesn’t work. For the screenshot command, it works if I run the command from the terminal, but nothing happens at all when I press the keyboard shortcut. I’m thinking that there must be something else interfering with them. Is there a way to see all keyboard shortcuts as a list? Or perhaps a log to check to see what is going on?

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