• Easy Pot Pourri: To make your home smell nice simmer orange peels in 1-2 cups of water in aluminium pot for a few hours.
  • Preserve Brown Sugar: To keep brown sugar fresh add a few pieces of clean and fresh orange peel to an air tight container.
  • Deter Slugs: Place orange peels on surface of soil to keep garden slugs away.
  • Kitchen sink/counter Scrub:HAve a fresh piece of orange peel in hand? Use it to scrub your kitchen sink/counter clean.
  • Seed Starter Pot: Poke a hole at the bottom for drainage and fill an empty orange peel with potting soil.

inspiration from wonderhowto.com,pics all mine.

It is a sad day when the mind begins to live in reality. For it should thrive on the dreams and hopes the soul and mind have cultivated over the years. The mind is the gateway to what is seemingly impossible. It directs our hands to create things never seen before. It is the instrument of our imagination, of our creativity. To allow our minds to live in reality instead of in the clouds, truly is a disservice to not only ourselves and our betterment, but surely to society as well. Never forget to dream.