People are always so fucking malicious when it comes to One Direction- as if they are the scum of the goddamn Earth. I’ve seen more bad shit in my life said about them than the WBC or al-Qaeda and it’s pretty fucking sad. 

Does nobody remember Backstreet Boys? N*Sync? 98 Degrees? All of which were generic pop boy bands. They had awesome vocals and they were all “pretty” and they blew up so fast. I loved the fuck out of them. It’s the exact same thing with One Direction in today’s generation. The only difference is that with today’s technology it is so much easier to see photos and videos and converse about them on social media sites. That wasn’t available to us. 

I’ve never seen One Direction do anything hurtful to anyone else. Nothing to where they deserve the hate that they get. They didn’t deserve to be boo'ed by people at the VMAs tonight because regardless if you refuse to believe it or not, they DO have talent. Grow up.