Contrary to Popular Belief...

4. Yes, animal rights DO exist.

I, myself, am an animal rights activist. There has to be a group of people willing to go to the lengths that I would go to to save them.

I even had a little poll once walking around a mall. It said, “Do you think animals should have rights?” with a two check boxes for yes or no.

You’d be surprised how many people said no. I guess I caught them on a bad day, but one of the men with his daughter said they hunt animals, so they don’t need rights.

Ah, what a horrible society we live in.

Animals definitely do need rights, because who would protect them if they didn’t have any? They’re already left to defend themselves from other animals, but we humans make it worse with our toxic wastes, hunting, and eating habits.

I’m not saying we should stop eating animals, because I know 98% of the world won’t do that. And we can’t take back all the damage we’ve done to our own damn ecosystem, either.

I’m saying that we need to give animals more freedom. They were here first, and yet we feel as if we can take everything away from them like it’s our own.

Ha…sounds like another problem we’ve had with ourselves, huh?