Some science for ya….

Researchers have discovered two new tentacled species of microbes living symbiotically within the digestive systems of termites. They’re thought to assist the insects with the breakdown of wood.

The scientists involved have named their discoveries Cthulhu and Cthylla, in an ode to H.P. Lovecraft’s work and a nod to their bizarre appearances.


Rough Sketches for the Pinup Girl Baby Cthulhu Print: 

Didn’t know Cthylla was not an old-school public domain Mythos being when I sketched a design with “her” in mind, so, the creature officially is just a…creature.  I’m still sorry PUG didn’t use the “Baby’s First Necronomicon” title on the book, but, we know who made the decision and fate has dealt with them accordingly. 


This is Cthylla a Kawaii doki doki tentacle-monster-girl.


I’ve never really bothered giving her a proper skin-tone yet.

Uhh, lays eggs…yadda yadda…tentacles change colors depending on her mood.

Natural color in water is red, out of water is green.

I guess she’s always kind of drooly? yeah she’s totally hot.

Yeah she has a nose.

Clothes? Who the fuck needs clothes? Not this bitch.

Why would u need clothes if ur an aquatic creature, fuk dat noise.


- One of Cthylla’s winposes, Chaos Code (FK Digital)