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The Rollbear Needs Koku!

Hey everyone, due to mounting problems it was suggested to me that I advertise services of many natures in order to earn capitol to deal with horrible life events. I hear this is a pretty common thing here and that the Tumblr community is big on sharing work requests to people in need. So I figured I’ll skip the sob story and post work type stuff first (for those who want a miserable story, It’ll be at the end).

  1. Marketing & Digital Services: For those who don’t know I run a small marketing agency. We focus mostly on social media development & branding services. This means we run the gamut of creative as well as analytical and web development services. We try to focus our actual clients on just the business objective based work of our social media marketing but we always have need of that wide range of skill sets. This means I can offer at the very least a consultation if you need any kind of web work done. Due to the current emergency status, I will personally handle small gigs too like design work, fixing a page on a site, SEO optimizing your images & content, etc. - Ironic that you don’t see us post much given the nature of my day job, but we rarely have time to focus on our RPG stuff, and even the business itself taking our own advice & methods.
  2. RPG Development / Testing: Well, this page is mostly about our RPG work, so hey why not place this here. Also I have a dedicated team of players and a roster of fresh faces for product testing, as well as a history doing so. Check out Goblin Stones latest release “Chapel on the Cliffs”!  - But anyway if you have commission ideas let us know!
  3. GMing: This is one I’m divided on, but I’m willing to GM/DM/Storyteller RPG sessions for your rice based contributions to my bank account. Or perhaps teach a class with a casual game? I’ve been doing this for years and have knowledge of various systems, and am forgiving for new players. I always recommend playing free with friends but it fits our theme here and may be what you need to get started? Times are desperate!
  4. Grinding Services: Hey if there is another thing I know well it’s RPG’s. Are you a veteran player of some online game but need to power-level that new class so you can play capstone content with your buddies but aren’t using your main? Get some chap to do it for you while you’re at work! (I especially like @phantasystaronline if you are on #ephinea)
  5. Pixel Art: Alright so there are a ton of people who do this but I can also create faux-pixel art in vector format if you want it scaled to any size for print promotions or the like. This is a time consuming process and even with discounts might be kind of expensive but let me know if you are interested.
  6. Dog Sitting: Southern California only. I have references. Anywhere from the Valley down to Orange County. Probably can’t do San Diego.

That concludes the relatively wide array of service offers. Most of you can move on now. Cheerio!

Well now, for the rest of you, here is the skinny on the situation:

Everything was going pretty well for me and my company last month. We took on some new hires and ramped up our efforts for new and existing clients. This was a big risk for us and I was up-front about that with the newbies, as we are one of those “boot-strapped” companies the papers are so quick to glamorize (in other words, we have no operating capitol - we rely on timely payments from our clients to stay in business, which is natural as this project is just an up-scaling of my freelancing).

Of course, possibly due to the 4th of July, payments came late, particularly with clients with whom we manage advertisements and require the money by a certain time to cover those credits. This coupled with one client stiffing us (for whom we had a retainership in order to develop a site for them upfront to a total time of about 90 hours) for two out of three payments put a major dent (read: negative balance) in our finances.

That’s bad enough on top of my increasingly failing health (which is a minor part of the picture honestly, so I won’t be elaborating further, just lots of chest issues), but it also turns out my girlfriend was arrested for possession on July 4th while sleeping on the street. She was with an unknown party (whom likely is the owner of the drugs) at the time. She is estranged from her family for being unable to contribute to bills, because of the untimely death of her husband (only 27). We had been working on getting her into some helpful programs so that her and her son would have a safe place to stay but that’s all been thrown into the wind for the time being. She is currently being held on a total bail of $10,000 for those possession charges and seems to have no allies in her area. From what I can tell nobody even knows that she is in jail. I only found out because after a few days with no contact I knew things were rough enough that I should check public records and local news outlets.

So yeah, things are pretty rough lately and I need to correct my finances post-haste. I’m not big into charity or begging so I posit this unconventional (to me anyway, I see artists open commissions a lot when times get rough) list of potential services.

I guess I could dog-sit too if you are local to Southern California? (adding that now).

Thanks for reading! Hope I can do something cool for you soon!