cthulhu rising

Functions with anxiety

Ti: Literally overthink everything until what seemed like a manageable problem is now a multi-step solution from hell.

Te: Structure absolutely everything, because if one damn thing is out of place Cthulhu will rise again.

Ne: Every single possible bad scenario existing in the brain at one time.

Ni: Prophesying your death nearly every single second. You’re gonna choke on that orange chicken and you know it, dammit.

Si: Remembering everything that has ever gone wrong. Knowing history repeats itself.

Se: Everything is a disaster. 1000 ways to die is now your life.

Fe: Everyone hates you and your dog is going to shit on your grave. Also someone is plotting your death because you were kinda sarcastic.

Fi: A totalitarian government is going to kill you, but they can’t kill your morals. They can still kill you real dead though. 

Three prints added to the shop this week. Each has been hand carved, inked, and bound to wood by me in Salem, MA.

Cthulhu Rises! - A new iteration of one of my oldest pieces. In this version, the roused Dreamer takes an active interest in those that disturbed his slumber. After the medieval woodcut by Olaus Magnus.

Eld Fen - King Wurm, the dread entity that coils through the mystery of @tanispodcast. I’m happy to say that one of these is currently winding its way to the Pacific Northwest Stories Studios.

The Opener of the Way - Yog-Sothoth, the Way and the Gate, is allowed a rare entry into our reality. Clever cultists and wise scholars will notice the runes and kabbalistic references. Again, incorporating the medieval work of Olaus Magnus. 

Could you imagine a crossover between Pokemon and Lovecraft?

Like the villains aren’t like Team Rocket, they’re cultists trying to awaken Cthulhu, and the trainer gets to the very end of their base in R’lyeh.

Cultist Leader: “Your courage and ingenuity have granted you passage across our dark city, but it is nothing in the face of our new god! Behold!”

Cthulhu rises from the depths of the sea.

Trainer: “I choose you…”

The trainer throws out a pokeball.

Trainer: “…Ditto.”

When Japanese electronics company Pioneer hired Swiss surrealist painter and Alien designer H.R. Giger in the mid-‘80s, they apparently told him: “Do your thing, just throw an entertainment center in there somewhere.” To his credit, Giger delivered as promised. He created the perfect ad to capture that coveted demographic of people who need a new stereo system and consume souls for sustenance.

But that’s not all. Pioneer, apparently and inexplicably delighted, also released a print campaign featuring Giger’s designs. 

Giger might have taken their enthusiasm for his work a bit too literally though, seeing as how he filled the commercial with actual nightmare fuel. That anaphylactic Jabba the Tank was apparently based on Giger’s concept art for the famously unmade film adaptation of Dune by Alejandro Jodorowsky, which was ahead of its time by exactly how many centuries it’ll take for Cthulhu to rise again.

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