Calum Hood Blurb/Imagine

“Since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figured I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we first met.”

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You hummed to yourself softly as you exfoliated your face. You had to wake up bright and early for your big day tomorrow and you figured doing a few simple things tonight would make it easier. As you turned on the tap to rinse off your face, your phone began to sing out from your bedroom. Already knowing that you wouldn’t make it there to answer it in time, you simply ignored it and leaned over the sink, squeezing your eyes shut. Once you rinsed off the product, smiling in the mirror as you felt your now softened face, your phone began to ring once again. This time you pat your face dry with a towel and jogged into your bedroom, a grin breaking out when you saw the familiar number on the screen along with the picture of the love of your life.


“Hey, baby.” Calum’s smooth voice came through the phone.”Whatcha doin’?”He sing-songed and you flopped onto your bed.

“Nothin’ much. Just got done exfoliating.”

“Oh my God, I bet you’re so soft.” He groaned and you let out a light laugh.

“I only exfoliated my face, dear.”

“Oh, well that makes me feel a bit better then.”

“I’m saving the rest for tomorrow,”you smirked, and Calum quickly caught what you were hinting at.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you. I don’t know if I’ll make it until tomorrow.”

“It’s just a few more hours, Calum.” You laughed as you checked the time, seeing that it was almost one thirty in the morning.

“But it’s almost a full twenty four hours before I can have you all to myself.”

“True, true.”

“Michael’s being an ass.”

You snorted at this, rolling your eyes playfully.”When isn’t Michael being an ass?”

“Good point, but I want to cuddle.”He whined out and you sighed,”You know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I know, baby, but you can’t see me until I’m walking down the aisle.”

“That’s a stupid rule, yanno that?”

The two of you fell into a comfortable silence, just listening to the soft breathing through the phone. You twirled your hair as you thought about how perfect everything would be tomorrow, you’d been planning for almost a year up until this point. Tomorrow you’d finally become Mrs. Y/N Y/M/N Hood, something you’d dreamed of since you first saw him on youtube as a young teen. Who would’ve thought that that crazy dream would come true?

“Was there a particular reason you called.” You questioned and it was silent for a few moments.

“Oh yeah! Since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figured I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we first met.”

“You’re welcome, cheeks.” You giggled remembering the very first time you two met. It was almost three years ago inside of Walmart in the toy section. You and your best friend happened to be there the same time the boys were. As you tried to get your lick back from when she had previously thrown a rubber ball at your face, you swung and hit Calum in the face with a plastic bat.

“I can’t believe you bruised my face.”

“It was an accident!” You yelled,giggling loudly.”I was trying to hit Y/BF/N but she ducked and you just happened to be there.”

“It was worth it though, cause I got to go on a date with you as an apology.”You could tell that Calum had a smile on his face.

“Worst, yet most amazing date ever.”


There was a short silence once again before Calum let out a yawn.

“Go to sleep, Cal.”

“I should be telling you that; you’re the one who has to wake up a eight.”

“Yeah, but unlike you I can manage without having a coffee or a beer to wake me up.”

“Can you stay on the phone until I fall asleep?” He asked, his voice sounding a bit childlike. Knowing Calum, he was probably pouting up at the ceiling as if you could see his puppy dog eyes.

“Mmm, I guess so.”

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, Calum.”

You pulled back your covers and climbed underneath, snuggling up to your pillow. Once you were settled you placed your phone on your cheek and closed your eyes, sighing in contentment.

“Hey, Y/N, on our way to Venice, do you wanna have plane sex?”

“Go to sleep, Calum.” You chuckled lightly, hearing his small laugh before you two drifted off to sleep awaiting the day to come.

patience | calum hood

inspired by ‘patience’ by shawn mendes

It was 2:38am, and you were sound asleep.

You were sound asleep until your phone went off.

You were startled awake by the sound of your phone, you knew you had set it to “Do Not Disturb”, indicating someone had tried to call for a fourth time. Your eyes shot open, reaching over to your nightstand and grabbing your phone, not even bothering to see who it was.

Your voice was raspy, you were still half asleep, “H-Hello?” you manage to get out. You’re now slightly more alert, but you’re still fighting the urge to go back into a peaceful slumber.

“I miss you,” the words were slurred. They were loud, and they were ringing in your ear. It was the third night in a row that Calum had called you drunk out of his mind, confessing how much he missed you. How much he hated being away from you.

“Um, it’s like 2:42am, why aren’t you in bed?” you ask, sitting up in your bed. You rub your hand over your face and clear your throat. Your voice cracks, “Cal….?” you clear your throat again. “Calum?” you ask, one more time. You can hear the voices in the background telling him to hang up, and to stop trying to get ahold of you.

“I’m so fucking wasted, but I miss you. I miss you,” he mumbled, his words still slurred. You roll your eyes as you turn on the light next to your bed, looking down at your phone to check the time again. “Buddy, you need to stop drinking and go to bed,” you remind him. He doesn’t listen, he continues on with his drunken one sided conversation.

“Commeee out with us!” he yells into the phone. “Please? Pretty please? PLEASE!” by the time he starts begging, you hang up the phone and turn the light off. You’re half tempted to turn your phone off all together, but it’s your alarm and you need to hear in order to wake up for work and be on time in the morning for work.

It’s now 3 am and you’re wide awake. You’re staring at the ceiling, the motions of headlights peering through your blinds as cars pass through your quiet street throughout the night. You take a deep breath and try and concentrate on sleeping. Counting sheep never worked, and neither did sleeping medications. But this had become almost a nightly ritual between the two of you.

Just as you’re about to fall asleep, you hear a loud knock on the door to your apartment. You live on the bottom floor of the building, so people sometimes mistakenly think your apartment is someone else’s.

Your heart is your thumping against your chest, your nerves are on a level 10/10.

Who would be knocking on your door this late?

As you walk towards the door, you wrap your blanket around your shoulders, quietly making your way across the wood floor.

Your steps get quieter as your hands tighten around your blanket cape, your feet quietly padding against the floor as you approach the door. You lean forward and put your eye close enough to see out the peephole to see none other than Calum Hood standing at your door.

Unlocking the door, you open it up and push him in the shoulder, your anger evident as he walks inside. “What are you doing here?” you ask, he makes his way in. He smells like cigarette smoke and alcohol. His eyes are bloodshot and he’s stumbling slowly towards your couch.

He turns around and looks at you, his hand running over his face before pulling up the bottom of his shirt to wipe at his eyes. Your head cocks to the side and you furrow your brow, “Are you… crying?” you ask. You’re not sure, but you’re almost positive that he was.

“No, I’m not…Okay, maybe. I dunno, my eyes burn,” he lets out slowly, he stumbles over his words trying not to get lost in a lie or caught in the truth. You’re still standing there, your leopard print blanket wrapped around your shoulders.

“I didn’t… I don’t want to sleep alone,” he mumbles, he starts pulling things out of his pockets and laying them on the counter in your kitchen. He laid his things there every night. He had clothes there. Clean clothes. He had his personal belongings there, not a lot of them, but enough to make it looked like he stayed there frequently.

“Are you gonna stay this time?” You ask, you’re staring at him as your drop your blanket to the floor, walking into your bedroom and grabbing the clothes of his you washed earlier that day. He had already started to take his clothes off, leaving them in a trail towards the bedroom. As you turn around to walk back to him, he’s standing there in his underwear, waiting for you to hand him the clothes.

He takes the sweats and the t-shirt that you were holding and walks towards the bed. He makes no sound, just crawls in, pushing some of the pillows you had buried yourself in around and to the ground.

He acts like it’s his place, that he actually lives there.

Like it’s actually his bed he was crawling into. Looking up at you, he pats the spot where you normally sleep.

Rubbing your hands over your face, you clear your throat, looking around the room like someone was shamefully judging you for putting up with this. You let out a sigh, turning off the light on the nightstand and crawling into bed with him. You’re now nose to nose with him, he still smells like whiskey and cigarettes, but you kind of enjoy the scent, it’s familiar and you’re used to it.

“Are you,” you pause, your eyes staring deep into his,  “going to stay this time?” you continue, chewing on your bottom lip. He leans in and presses his chapped lips against your nose. You two have still never really had a sober kiss, but you go along with it anyway. The gesture was sweet, and he knew your weaknesses.

He falls asleep, not answering your question. You lay there for a minute, staring at him. Reaching up and pushing his hair off his forehead, you feel him put his arm over you, pulling you closer as you lay there. A smile crosses your lips, and you tuck your arms between the two of you, nestling your head into his chest before you fall asleep soon after.

It’s the next morning, you hear your alarm going off in the background. You smile before you open your eyes, reaching over to shut it off. You go to turn over, still smiling. “Good mo–” you stop yourself, a sense of sadness washes over you as you stare at the empty spot on your bed. “Good morning,” you say to yourself, annoyed that once again you were just a warm body for him to fall asleep with. Maybe he was still there, it was awfully early, so you decide to see if he’s in the living room.

He’s not.

His things aren’t on the counter, and his clothes that he had left on the ground were gone too.

You stand in the quiet apartment, much like you had the previous nights before. Sighing, you turn and walk back into your bedroom, closing the door behind you and leaning against it. You close your eyes, hearing your text tone go off as you head to the shower. You check it, it’s from him.


or the one about domestic cashton on a autumn day.

it was one of those nights were the world stops and you feel like its just your mind against the universe. tour had finally ended, and ashton was grateful to finally have calum to himself. (michael was needy, very needy.)
“y'know, he just likes attention.” calum says to me as we’re unpacking our clothes.
“i know. but i get jealous.” i say.
“you don’t say, i had no clue.”
i roll my eyes and hit his arm playfully, “you’re an ass.”
our apartment was filled with the smell of candles, the feeling of autumn lingering around the air. luke and i had recently gone to a coffee shop that had some very very good pumpkin pie, calum insisted that we try to make our own.
“your sweater is very comfy.” i rest my head on his shoulder as he wraps his arm around me.
“olive green looks good on you.” he chuckles.
i giggle, “no it looks much better on you.”
“mhm whatever you say.”
there was a smell of cinnamon for some reason. it was nostalgic, the library at our school always always smelled like cinnamon.
the oven dings, so i get up and get the pie out of the oven.
“babe, this looks legit perfect. something straight out of a food network magazine.”
calum laughs, “i’m assuming thats a good thing?”
i show him the picture perfect dessert, “yes, its a good thing.” i set it down to cool then pour us both some wine.
“to another tour, and actually keeping all of our stuff together.”
calum giggles as we clink our glasses together.
“and for not loosing our minds.” he says, sipping the nearly clear drink.
he turns on some music and our favorite song, dreams by fleetwood mac, comes on.
“aww its our song baby.” cal grabs my hand and dances around with me in the kitchen.
i rest my head on his shoulder, “do you think we’d still be like this if we weren’t in the band?”
calum looks at me confused, “what do you mean?”
“if this band never happened, if you kept your soccer career, if we all stayed in school, you think we’d still end up like this?”
calum nods. “i would make an effort to at least keep in touch with you.”
i smile, “good.”
we keep slowly dancing around, absorbing the moment and the city sound outside.
“i love you.” calum says softly, putting his arm around me.
“i love you, too.” i smile up at the beautiful boy who i was so grateful to call mine.
he hums along softly to the song, and i think to myself, yeah, i’m glad i said yes to being in this band.