My Man Candy Monday is Mr. Charles Trippy! After all the he’s been through the past few weeks he still keeps a smile on his face and worries about making his viewers happy. He is such a strong, brave individual who deserves to be recognized for all he does! I don’t know him personally, but through watching his videos I feel like I do! Stay strong @charlestrippy and @allitrippy! Praying for you guys! 😘😍 #charlestrippy #ctfxc #prayersneeded #CTFxConEllen

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They say that a picture has a thousand words. This man, Charles Trippy, and Alli Trippy have had such a huge impact on so many lives especially mine. They’ve helped me gone through so many of my struggles throughout high school and they still are. I’m just wishing that I could be able to return the favor. No matter how sad I am, they manage to make my day. Charles has been through many seizures all because of a brain tumor, but still has continued to strive as not only a Youtube star, but also the bass player of We The Kings. What he does is amazing. The past four to five videos are heart aching. He managed to stay awake through his surgery, and even days after he is doing better. Seeing him laying down in the hospital, still vlogging, still happy, makes me want to cry. He’s gone through brain surgery and he’s still smiling. I just think that he deserves some appreciation and for everyone to know what Charles and Alli have brought to the world. Thanks Ellen. Much is appreciated.

Ellen show entry for CTFxC!

I have been watching the CTFxC, Charles and Alli Trippy, on YouTube for about a year now. What they do is film their day, every day. They even have a Guinness World Record for most consecutive daily video blogs! Charles is also in a famous band called We The Kings. The Trippys have been such a HUGE influence on my life and over 1 million peoples’ lives.
A little over a year ago, while on tour with the band, Charles discovered that he had a brain tumor. So he underwent surgery to remove it, his wife by his side, and thankfully recovered fairly fast and well. Unfortunately, Charles has been having seizures over the past few months. They announced to the world that Charles would have to undergo surgery again to remove the small portion of tumor remaining that they think is causing the seizures. On September 17, 2013, Charles was awake during his brain surgery which has since gone viral. What is even MORE amazing is that he filmed it. He even jokes that “the TV remote isn’t there–sorry honey!” He is now in physical therapy in Boston trying to relearn some basic motor skills with his left side of his body.
I am writing to you, Ellen, because these people mean so much to me and a million other people, and we want America to know their story and what amazing people they are. 4,000 characters aren’t nearly enough to describe exactly how dedicated, brilliant, inspiring, and lovable Charles and Alli Trippy are.
Charles most recent surgery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqVpqMv2YUo