In five hours, I will be ringing in the new year.

2012 is a year of change, for me. I am absolutely terrified.

I’ll be turning 19. Exciting, but scary. I already feel too old. I’m still 12, in my mind.

I’ll be moving country alone. Leaving behind all my family, all my friends.

I’ll be starting college alone. I’ll be meeting new people, making new friends.

We don’t have Thanksgiving here, so I’m going to take this opportunity to thank you all. I made this blog less than a month ago and already it has grown to be so huge.

CTFxC will be helping me get through this next year. I’m thankful for CTFxC, Internet Killed Television, Charles, Alli, Zoey, Marley, Tumblr, this blog and most of all, you guys and your support. Thank you!


It’s great to see that this blog still has so many followers even though I’ve been away for so long! (exams suck)

A lot has happened in the world of CTFxC since I disappeared. Biggest moment of all, THE DEFEAT OF THE HEAD BRAIN SLUG!

Obviously I’ve been watching the vlogs (I’ve only had an hour internet access nightly, so I spent all of it on Youtube) and it’s great news that’s old by now, but… yeah you know.

It’s good to be back! Are you CTFxCITED?!

anonymous asked:

when the f**k are alli and char going to have a baby? itd make the vlogs so much more exiting like shaytards

Uhmmm, are you kidding? They only just got married, and they’re still so young! Shay and Katilette started having kids at a young age, and yes, their kids are great to watch in the vlogs, I love the Shaytards, but CTFxC is something different and doesn’t have to be the same? Right now would probably be the wrong time for them to start having children, considering Charles has just started with WTK and they’re on tour and stuff. But anyway, it’s none of our business when they have a baby, nor is it their job to have children to entertain us, that’s crazy!

I’m very excited for them to have kids, but we’ll have to wait. There’s still so much stuff for them to do, the vlogs will never get boring! and when that day comes, I’ll be so happy for them. But for now, you should be content with their awesomeness. :)

nowineuntasted  asked:

your blog is so amazing ahh! what is your favorite think about ctfxc? (:

I don’t know whether you mean Charles and Alli/the vlogs/etc or the CTFxC community, so I’ll answer both. :)

My favorite thing(s) about Charles and Alli is how down to Earth they both are. You know from the way they talk to us that they’re never going to get ‘too big for their boots’, you know? They would make sure to talk to a CTFxCer if they had the chance. We see it a few times in the vlogs, and if they don’t catch them on camera they give them a shout-out in the vlog or a mention on Twitter. And as we see from Charles’ (regular but cherished) rants to us about how much he appreciates our support and everything… it’s just really lovely and I consider it the best thing about them as a couple/my favorite thing about CTFxC.

Now, as for the CTFxC community, there’s a lot to love. ;) (I will refer to it as 'us’, as I myself am part of it, and I’m guessing almost all the people reading this are too) My favorite part about us is how understand and supportive we all are. Like most fan bases, we care for each other because we have a connection that we don’t share with anyone else, because of our mutual appreciation and love for a certain thing. With CTFxC, the fan base is obviously full with many different types of personalities housing different beliefs and morals, but we all have the same understanding towards each other, because whether you realise it or not, if you’re a true CTFxCer, Charles and Alli have taught you a lot and you’ve learned things with their help that you might not of found otherwise. I know with me, I’ve learned the true meaning of love. It sounds soppy and weird that I’ve learned it through two 'strangers’ that I watch every day on the internet, but it’s true because I haven’t seen a love like theirs anywhere else, and I know it’s the love I want myself, and I know that there’s many other CTFxCers out there that feel the same way- hence we share an understand between eachother.

Thank you very much for the compliment and this question. I’m sorry it was such a long answer, but it was nice to get it out and share my thoughts.

My followers; feel free to send me messages of your thoughts and opinions. What’s your favorite thing about CTFxC? :)