Finally. Finally they have reached the million they deserve. Words can’t describe how much I look up to and admire these people. Their video never fail to make me smile and laugh..sometimes cry..but I love them all. Charles, I hope your recovery is quick, everyone is praying for you. And hey, even if you can’t lift your left arm as well as before..you’re still Charles, and Alli, you need an award for being so brave. You cried once in the vlogs during this process talking about Charles. You said sorry but you know what, don’t be sorry. Let it out. Let it all out. It will all be okay. I’m so happy for you guys, and proud to say I have met such wonderful role models. Love you both so much XO

IM SO HAPPY FOR CHARLES AND ALLI. I feel like this is perfect timing. I’m sure Charles is frustrated, not feeling good and having a hard time with everything that’s going on, but I bet that finally hitting a million subscribers made him really happy :)