This past weekend I was at VidCon and decided to bring some artwork to give away to some of my favorite YouTubers! These will all be apart of a special YouTube caricature book that I will be making containing TONS of YouTubers!

As a character artist, I find YouTubers to be incredibly inspiring. The life and personality they bring to the camera not only brings me joy and entertainment, but has become a great drawing exercise!

I am thrilled that they all really enjoyed their little art gifts! I can’t wait to start creating more caricatures for I have a lot of love to give to this community!

Check out the rad people I drew!
Alli Speed
Mamrie Hart
Charles Trippy and Allie

Still laughing at the fact that Alli flawlessly gave the entire timeline for her and Chase’s relationship in four minutes without any unexplained holes or anyone having to back up her story, while Chase was laying right there not saying a damn thing, yet Charles and Allie have made two long ass video’s with people “backing up” (more like feeding them) their stories and given countless “explanations” yet still no one knows when or how they met and what brought them together to make them want to date.  Once again Alli handling things flawlessly like a grown ass adult while Charles makes shit complicated as hell and then acts like a dick when people call him on his shit.