This past weekend I was at VidCon and decided to bring some artwork to give away to some of my favorite YouTubers! These will all be apart of a special YouTube caricature book that I will be making containing TONS of YouTubers!

As a character artist, I find YouTubers to be incredibly inspiring. The life and personality they bring to the camera not only brings me joy and entertainment, but has become a great drawing exercise!

I am thrilled that they all really enjoyed their little art gifts! I can’t wait to start creating more caricatures for I have a lot of love to give to this community!

Check out the rad people I drew!
Alli Speed
Mamrie Hart
Charles Trippy and Allie

•| The best way to end Vidcon is watching We The Kings play live. Snapped this one of Charles singing along with us 🎶☬⚛⚉⌖⌸▲ |•| @charlestrippy |•| @wethekingsofficial #vidcon #live #snapseed #vscocam #ctfxc |•

So I was 5th row for Dan & Phil’s panel today and they were so amazing and looked gr9 and I kept thinking “wow I am in the same room as Phil Lester & Dan Howell like the actual humans” and I felt so so lucky and I wished with my whole heart that all of you could’ve been there too.  The fans were not nearly as bad as yesterday for Dan’s panel.  There was not nearly as much screaming which was good cause the topic of the panel was important.  But there was CHAOS before the panel started when people were trying to find seats.  People kept putting their bags on seats to save them and then walking away and security was like “u can’t do that” but they didn’t know and then some girl was sobbing and it was a mess.  But everything turned out okay I think?  I’m just happy with the seat I had.  Also there was a group of girls who had cardboard cutout masks of Dan & Phil AND ALSO DIL & ELIZA PANCAKES LOL IT WAS GR9.  I was like “where’s Tabitha” and they were like “no we ship Dil with Eliza Pancakes” and I was laughing so much.

I also meT CHARLES TRIPPY AND HIS GIRLFRIEND ALLIE.  I’ve been watching Charles since 2013 and that guy means so much to me.  He’s been through so much shit and he NEVER GIVES UP and it’s incredible and he hugged me and he smells really nice and we took a selfie together.  Then Allie IS ACTUAL SUNSHINE and she gave me a hug and said she recognized me????  She was like “are you the one with the really cool glasses???” (cause my DP on almost everything is a photo of me wearing kaleidoscope glasses) and I was like “yEAH?????” and she said she’s seen me on instagram and stuff what the hell I love her so much???  I gave Charles the letter I wrote to both of them.  I’m so happy.  I also met Charles’ sister Melissa and her boyfriend Phil and they were super nice and then Danny Duncan called me beautiful???????????????????  TWICE????  AND GAVE ME A HIGH-FIVE????

I also saw Ben J Pierce outside but I don’t know him v well so I didn’t stand in line to say hi to him.  I also ran into this kid Adam who is on Teens React and I met him at my store a while back and he remembered me.  I also saw Louise from a distance but didn’t get the chance to say hi or do anything.  I also saw Cat walking by and said hi to her and she waved at me.  

That was my day today lol