It’s so very satisfying to cap the flag start-to-finish as a tiny Korean girl in a hanbok because you got de-mech’d at the start but your tiny fearless ass gives not one single fuck. At one point I almost did it three times in one game, but the enemy Mercy got so fed up with my shenanigans that she hunted me down and killed me on her own (because Mercy is the only one who’s tied for a de-mech’d D.Va when it comes to being out of fucks to give).

Probably going to paint this. :U

Sleeping Beauty (Pt 1)

Lance walked the halls of the castle ship. He was alone— he hated to be alone but the others were asleep and he was deep into the castle. He thought about talking to Blue but that would only make him more tired. Lance had gone many sleepless nights after a recent mission. It was no different from any other mission but for some reason this one kept him away.

Rows of gallra surrounded Lance as he bled from his s ears and the corners of his mouth. His suit cracked and ripped countless times over and no matter how great a shot he was he could never kill these monsters. His hands shook under his bayard and then all he saw was red as purple claws scratched his eyes.

And then he would wake up.

Lance stopped eating, he was too busy in the training room trying to step up his game, become braver and stronger.

Keith thought Lance was trying to copy him. He ignored Lance and sometimes locked him out of the training deck.

This night… this dead of night, Lance began to slow his stride against his will. His head began to spin, the feeling of helium filling from his ears lifting his head almost off his shoulders.

Everything above his chest grew cold— freezing almost and then came the sweat. The rest down weighed him as if gravity increased. He had just passed a pillar letting him put his weight on the wall to hold him up. ‘Just for a second.’ He thought to himself. He noticed his threat was dry, his breathing was loud and far away, his eyes begging themselves to close but the more Lance fought it, the more black spots climbed their way into his vision making everything around them green or orange. “Help…” Lance croaked but he couple barely hear himself. He felt the vibrations in his chest and throat but it seemed like he was under water and far away. “Help…” he called again and not even a second later he dropped to the floor.

At breakfast Lance’s chair was empty which wasn’t a surprise now because he stopped coming to breakfast. “Good morning paladins~” Allura waltzed into the room with Coran not far behind. “Are you excited for today’s activities?” She clasped her hands together with a gigantic smile painted across her face.

“What activities princess?” Shiro looked up from his morning goo.

“I’m glad you asked Shiro!” Allura’s eyes sparkled. “You will be in partners chosen by Coran,” she turned and smiled at the other Altean. “And you will both be trying to get a special item and then come back to the bridge.”

“On earth we call that Capture the Flag.” Pidge chimed with a smirk crawling over her face.

“Oh really?” Allura became intrigued. “Well, I’m not sure if this is in your Earth version too, but at some point in the game, your partner will turn on you and do everything they can to try to stop you.”

“No we don’t play that way.” Keith crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair. At first he wanted to be paired with Shiro when it seemed like a normal game of CtF but now… he didn’t want to fight Shiro— didn’t want to be enemies. Then again, it could boost his moral and help him be a better fighter.

Coran began to pick partners. “Pidge and Shiro. Hunk and Keith. Lance and–” he stopped. “Princess, Lance isn’t here nor does he have a partner.” Coran frowned.

“Oh.” Allura rolled her eyes. “He’s probably somewhere in the castle I’ll go find him. He’ll be a third party and play by himself I guess.” She waved her hand and walked off to the bridge. Coran stood in the same spot still frowning at the teams. He liked Lance, they bonded a little and it was odd to see him not here for a team exercise. Nevertheless he began to explain he rules to the paladins, then proceed to show them their starting point and what their object is.

Lance was still out cold. He was lying in a pool of his own sweat. In his head he saw nothing but blackness. His body was trying to sleep but he knew there was no way his friends would find him if he was this deep into the castle. He screamed but nobody would hear him even if it did come from his mouth.