Ctenoides ales has several hip nicknames, and not just because “Ctenoides ales” is goddamn impossible to pronounce. It’s the only bivalve known to have the ability to create a mesmerizing strobe light effect with its soft tissue, earning it monikers such as the disco clam, the electric flame scallop, and the electric clam, which sounds like something you’d order out of an adult catalog. We’re going to go ahead and give it a new one right now: the THOR CLAM.

The 6 Stupidest-Looking Animals On The Face Of The Earth


Disco Clam Freezes Prey With Toxic Snot

The disco clam, so named because light flashes from its mirrored “lips,” turns out to be the disco ball from hell. New research has found that the clam’s impressive light show attracts prey, which may be rendered immobile by noxious, acidic mucus produced by the busy bivalve.

The unusual findings, reported at the 2015 annual conference of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in West Palm Beach, Fla., solve the mystery as to why the disco clam (Ctenoides ales) puts on such a flashy light show.

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