cten: sims


Mayson: Dada, what that?

Jules: That heir, are your fellow siblings. They will compete with you for the position of future Dark Lord after my long, decades long reign is over. 

Mayson: Mayo no longer heir?

Jules: You are but you are also not. It depends on your deeds in childhood and adolescence which will determine your place!

Mayson: Dada confusing. 


Some nice little graphics I made for my blog portal pages depicting the current state of two of  three of my incomplete challenges I was running quite a while ago. :P

The other one is the Wells Chronicle (my first attempt at the 100 baby challenge) which has more sims than I can deal with in a single sitting :P


Piper got a phone call from the babysitter and well…

Babysitter: hi, ma’am, I am sorry to bother, but something happened…

Piper: what, what happened, are my kids okay?

Babysitter: yes they are, but a piece of roof fell in the upstairs floor and Robin and Ryan are out here screaming because they want to see you two…

Piper: tell them we are coming, and please, call the police…

Babysitter: of course…