cten: sims

I was tagged by @simemi to do the #nofilter challenge by @butterfly-tattoo

rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture

I did my icon. Man I am never going vanilla. I value my smooth sims too much lol. 

I tag @becolibe @ughplumb @nicotinc @celticsimmer @simtopolis @dangerous-stain-builds and anyone else that wants to dit it! Just say I tagged u xx


Dain: What the hell are you doing, man? Step back. I won’t be your guardian angel forever, just so you know.

Spoilers: he will. :D

But I must give credit to Nate, he helped Dain in putting out the fire and they acted like a real team.