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meulin and bunnystuck jade at connecticon today!!
fef/bunnystuck roxy: turntechgodinbed
50’s stuck jane: rulerofallthatispebbles

Hi CTCon Homestucks! :D

Today was really fun! Thank you for kinda accepting me uv u <33 And sorry if I was a little shy!

I was the one cosplaying Jane Crocker, with a Warmixer of Zillyspoon and painted all white.
If anyone happens to find a photo of me just tag me please! :D I would like to have a few!
Sorry also if I was bad at photos aaaah.
I’m tired.
I’ve had 2 hours of sleep, and I’m running on a cinnamon bun and an ice cream cone. I need real sustenance.


had an awesome time at connecticon this weekend!! if we hung out or took pictures together, feel free to message me and say hi!!