10000/ 60700

Built at Darlington Works 1929.

Rebuilt at Doncaster Works 1936

Entered Service: 1929

Withdrawn: 1 June 1959

On 1 September 1955, 60700 had just departed from Peterborough when the front bogie frame broke. The locomotive derailed at a speed of 20 miles per hour (32 km/h) at Westwood Junction. It was recovered and repaired.

The loco had many nicknames:

Hush Hush (This is because the project was a secret)


Galloping Sausage (as a result of its boiler shape)

Plans in 1929 to name the original engine British Enterprise were dropped, although nameplates had already been cast; a 1951 plan to name the rebuilt engine Pegasus did not come to fruition either.