ct: s4


sylvie: you can come in mom..

athena: hey babe, your rooms coming along nicely..how are you holding up?

sylvie: thanks, i guess i kind of got carried away when i started unpacking my art shit.. i’m ok. i’m sorry i’ve been lame over this.. it is a cute town, it’s just.. quite.

athena: don’t be sorry kiddo, i would’ve felt the same growing up. it is pretty quite but..? i’m sure there’s trouble to get into somewhere. when your father and i were younger, we had fake id’s you know. are first kiss was in a night club actually, i guess that’s not great parenting but-

sylvie: mom we live in a suburban area you gotta conform to that pta life, you can’t be giving your teenage daughter such wild ideas.

athena: yeah yeah whatever, i’m not saying you should follow in my footsteps, we were kind of bad ok, be better than us… but still.. make the most of this time alright kid? 

sylvie: i’ll try my best, i should probably start off small with like an ass tattoo right?

athena: mm.. make it classy atleast.

sylvie: oh, of course.


There’s a cute little house, that stands out like a sore thumb in the town of Forgotten Hollow. It looks as though it’s been plucked out of a fairy tale, with brightly colored flowers growing around it in hues of purple, blue, and yellow.
Those who near the house smell baked goods, pies or cookies. 

There are some who would say it’s presence is even more foreboding then that of the other homes in the town, all which are dreary and painted with dark and dull colors. This home is decorated in pastel yellow with white trim, yet somehow still, it seems far from inviting. 

The home was built in the 1950’s, and faint music from that time can be heard from outside of the home at different hours during the day and night.
The home stands today, as bright and vibrant as ever, seemingly untouched by time, and normal wear and tear.
The name on the mailbox reads “Hart.”


blaire: this is domestic as fuck, are you sure we got the right address?

cole: i hope so, i’m not moving all that shit out of there. we’re never moving again athena you’re a hoarder.

athena: um? leave my clutter out of this. we gotta save all of our cute sweet daughter’s memories before she outgrows her lame old parents.


athena: let me love YOU WHILE I STILL CAN

sylvie: dad please help ;-;

cole: my girls (’: you’re on your own on this one kiddo.. we should probably get back to work, i have to be at the station tomorrow and i rather not spend the morning looking through boxes.

blaire: on thatt note we should be leaving here soon.


Meet Neda Brantley!  I decided to start up another legacy, this time Differences In The Family Tree. 

Freelance Botanist / Self-Assured, Neat, Loves The Outdoors

I also have a banner so you guys won’t get confused on what’s what when I post.

Have one of the “Nature” aspirations
Do not get a job. You are to live off the land.
Grow a garden with every type of plant
Get married to a sim with the trait “Loves the Outdoors”, no woohoo before marriage
Have both a boy and girl, NO adoption
Master Garden Skill