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Don’t Forget

Fullmetal Alchemist (Edwin)

Word count: 3,893 - FF.net

Grasping the concept that love can come unconditionally is difficult for some people.

A chorus of ‘Happy Birthday Ed!’s rung out as Winry Rockbell set the cake in front of the elder Elric.

“Jeez, first you guys manage to convince me to drag myself all the way back here, but then you just had to throw me a party, huh?”

“Of course, pipsqueak. You didn’t really think we’d only bring you home from the west just to lounge about for your birthday of all days, did you?”

Pinako Rockbells tone was teasing, but to Edward, he really would have appreciated as much.

Ed never was one for social gatherings of any magnitude, and he wasn’t afraid to show his distaste. His following comment under his breath about how he would have rather settled for lounging earned him a stiff smack on the back of the head by his trusted mechanic, and sort-of-fiancé.

“Believe it or not Edward, some people actually enjoy celebrating the fact that you managed to live another year.”

“She’s right brother! You should enjoy yourself a little more once and a while.”

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Meiji Shrine, Tokyo by Santi Navarro
Via Flickr:
Hasselblad 503 Cx Distagon 60mm Cf Aerochrome infrared film expired 2011