ct: 4.05

The best thing about the scene of Fitzsimmons bickering is when Jemma lowers her voice and says, “We share a bed” as if they’re in some sort of secret relationship when in reality everyone in that lab and probably entire base knows that they’re getting their frickle-frackle on

who are you trying to fool, jemma simmons?

Coda fic for 4.05

Bonus points if you catch the Hamilton reference!

It took her a moment to realize what was wrong. As she did most mornings, Jemma woke up tangled in her best friend’s limbs.

That was one of the best parts of dating him, she decided. Even at the academy, on the rare occasion that they fell asleep in eachother’s dorms after a late night of studying, they always woke up a little too close together for “just friends”. In fact, Jemma reflected, they had never quite been “just friends”.  

But the fact remained, there was something wrong. Her alarm hadn’t gone off, breaking a long tradition of her waking up exactly ten minutes before her alarm went off. Fitz was still asleep, but that was only to be expected. He snored softly, and Jemma wanted more than anything to snuggle into his chest and fall back asleep. It was only 5 AM after all. She could fall back asleep next to him for an hour and wake him up with gentle kisses at six. She closed her eyes, savoring the thought. And that’s when she remembered.

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