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Jackie’s Baking: S1 vs. S7

In season one (episode 22) and season 7 (episode 10) we see parallel scenes between Jackie and Mrs. Forman. In the season one episode, we see Mrs. Forman trying to teach Jackie how to bake a pie for her school project (pic: top left). After multiple tries and fails, Mrs. Forman sends Jackie off to make her a drink while she makes the pie for her (pic: top right). In the season seven episode, we see Mrs. Forman trying to teach Jackie how to make cookies for Hyde (pic: bottom left). After a traumatizing experience involving touching an egg, Jackie makes the cookies for Hyde, although they end up serving better as flying discs (pic: bottom right).

I think this parallel is interesting because you can see just exactly how much has changed…and how much hasn’t changed. After nearly six seasons, Jackie still can’t bake for her life. Mrs. Forman still serves as a motherly figure for Jackie (even after the disappearance and return of Pam). And as for what’s changed, we see that where as it was a boy (her break-up with Kelso) that caused Jackie to continuously fail at baking her pies in season one, it was a boy (Hyde) that made Jackie persevere until she made a batch of cookies in season seven.