The Vivitar UWS strikes again: SLUTWALK Singapore!

Agfa CT Precisa on Vivitar UWS

In the near future if ever again I’m to view a developed Agfa Precisa on my UWS, I should put my sunglasses on.

To get that turquoise-greenish hue was my initial plan, but I have to admit it’s too blinding especially when there are no objects before the sky. I envy that royale blue tone of an xpro CT Precisa on a Lomo LC-A. Definitely gonna land my hands on that baby someday soon!

-yovie eswark

Agfa CT Precisa 100ISO


Just look at them heavenly blues!! I’ve only ever managed to get greenish yellow tones out of my cross-processed CT Precisas, so seeing these perked my interest again with this particular film. Could it be that only fresh Precisas produce royal blues? I know mine were expired by a few months when I got them..hmm…

These photos were taken around Brighton, UK by Harriet Green, do check out her flickr stream for more of her lovely shots. Thanks for submitting Harriet and keep on experimenting!


New Vs Old emulsion CT Precisas? A film conspiracy!

Agfaphoto CT Precisa on Lomo LC-A+





Ok…so I’ve got my latest batch of precisa developed…and they came out…BLUE.

Well mostly anyway. Some have a slight greenish tinge but on the whole they’re blue. These were fresh films that are genuine precisas not fake as far as i can tell. 

I had a chat with the man at the lab, and he reckons it’s quite a lot to do with the processing chemicals. This was the same lab that processed my last shots that came out really blue. All those precisa shots were from the same roll…weird.

I also emailed Kevin Meredith aka Lomokev about the green/blue thing… he’s written books on toy cameras/film photography, and runs courses in Brighton.  He used to use Precisa all the time and he said,

“I don’t use agfa precisa now as it changed, its too green now. I use Lomography xpro Chrome 100 ASA.” (click here for some examples.)

“Definitely ditch the Precisa it’s just too unpredictable.”


-Harriet Green

edit: If you’re not in the know about the Agfa CT Precisa conspiracy, check out this link for something interesting. :D