Cheap Thrills Part 2 II Jai/OC II NSFW

@milkcow99 requested a second part, I was all to happy to oblige. The first Part can be found here. I hope you enjoy, not sure if Iโ€™m done with these kids yet.ย 

He hadnโ€™t taken his eyes off of you since you left, leading you with one hand planted firmly on your back. Your whole body seemed to tense from the place where his hand was resting, you were going to go home with this man, this man you had just met, and let him do god knows what with you. With his hand sat on your back like that, however, so big and strong, it was hard to see this as a bad thing.

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anonymous asked:

I love how you deal with serious topics with your art but you also use comedy as well like seriously so many people just fall too deep into the angst and I need to thank u for not doing that

I gotta include something remotely funny in comics because I feel like I fail spectacularly at being 100% serious

Imagine Agent Florida sitting in the back of a Pelican with the other Freelancers after a failed mission. Everyone is injured- Wash is leaning up against Maine, his helmet visor shattered and blood dripping into his eyes from a gash caused by the shrapnel. York is drumming his fingers against the edge of his seat, trying to avoid touching his leg and disturbing the bullet lodged in it. Wyoming’s arm is stripped of armour and suspended in a makeshift sling, his elbow dislocated. Connie is out cold, kept upright only by the harness on her seat. Florida himself has taken a knife to the side and is slowly bleeding onto his armour. His attempts at delivering comforting words have failed, so he takes off his helmet and starts to sing quietly. Nobody joins in or even acknowledges him, but they all hear him, and it makes the journey just a little more tolerable, even if they’d never admit it to him afterwards

TEG Tropes - Announcement & Reveal Post

Welcome to the Announcement & Reveal Post for our Tropes Challenge. Before we announce and reveal the authors behind all the amazing stories from each round, we would like to extend a few thank yous. Firstly, we would love to thank all the participants for signing up to participate. It was a joy to read all your entries based on the theme Tropes. Secondly, we would like to thank the readers and voters for supporting us and having the most difficult job in choosing their favourite entries. 

Now, let’s have a drum roll please….

The winner of our Tropes Challenge is:


With her entry I Must Have Loved You A Lot

And our runner up is:


With her entry It Starts with a Toasting

Congratulations to @xerxia31 on winning the Tropes Challenge! Well done @booksrockmyface to making it to the final round. We will be posting your banner soon! 

Now, here is the master-list of all the stories and the authors from each round:

Round One:

+ @booksrockmyface with Albatross.

+  @hokagecokegoat with Inoculate

+  @peetabreadgirl with When It’s Right

+ @xerxia31 with Area Falls

+ @hutchhitched with The Doppelganger

+ @atlalover623 with Obstacles Part One

Round Two:

+ @booksrockmyface with Happy Accidents

+ @xerxia31 with Where We Belong

+ @atlalover623 with Weather the Storm

Participants, you are now free to reblog, post and share your stories wherever you want. We have set up an AO3 collection so you can add your entries there, just click here. Also, if anyone wants to set up an account over at AO3 we have a few invites there, just let us know by emailing us. 

That concludes our Tropes Challenge! Thanks everyone! We will be hosting another challenge soon, so feel free to keep up-to-date on our blog for info on the up-coming challenge. 

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