ct's on fiah!

Since it’s a huge snow day here in the north - all businesses and schools are closed! ALL of them! - I have decided to take the day off of everything else that I normally do and spend the day reading, drinking wine, and watching my most-favorite/most-awful TV shows.

Which means at 3:30 pm, I am now fully buzzed and watching MTV’s Challege: Battle of The Exes. I mean…CT and Diem, right you guys? Why are they not back together yet, when it’s already the 5th or 6th episode of the series?! He’s so tall and built and MANLY with his Bawstin accent and she’s so sweet and smart with that long thick hair that looks super soft… Also, their personalities are pretty cool, too.

So anyways. After this I’m going to continue reading “Game of Thrones.”

Talk to you guys later!