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The 5 (Recent) Worst Mass Murders In America, With A Firearm

1. Ft. Hood: Registered Democrat / Muslim

2. Columbine: Too young to vote. Both parents were registered democrats and progressive liberals.

3. Virginia Tech: Wrote hate mail to president Bush and his staff.

4. Colorado theatre: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occupy Wall Street participant, progressive liberal.

5. Newtown, CT elementary school shooter: Registered Democrat, hated Christians.


Connecticut Elementary School Shooting 12/14/12

What kind of sick joke is this? Seriously, tell me, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. Those innocent children did nothing, absolutely NOTHING to you, so why would you take away their lives?
Imagine those 27 kids going to “just another day of school.” Imagine their parents kissing them goodbye on the forehead, saying “see you later hunny, have a good day!” But no. They won’t see them when they get home. Little did they know.
Imagine their parents having to give away their child’s Christmas presents to charity. Having to spend the happiest time of the year sad, alone. One empty seat at the dinner table. One empty seat in the classroom.
But another set of wings in Heaven.
To the families- stay strong. We’re all praying for you, and just know that your son/daughter is safe in God’s arms.
To the children: I love each and every one of you. I’ll see you one day in Heaven, and maybe we can be friends. :)
To the shooter: I have no words for you. You disgust me. Are you happy now?