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Squats Garden Progress IV

Did quite a bit of work on the squats garden as they seem to have accumulated a lot of money with all the gardening and collecting of gems.

They now have a massive greenhouse and chicken hut. I extended the pond and added a little bridge and a bench area for relaxing.

Plus there’s a football area for the boys to play in and also a little basketball court part.

I did this when I was a little bit drunk so its all a little bit slap-hazard. But this garden is like the longest WIP so not doubt soon it shall get altered :)

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In this post I said that I needed to make over the gym in town. I started progress on this and re-did the reception area, work out area’s and made a little place to get a massage. (Also there’s the gym cat)

Still got a lot of work to do, including outside, the changing/bathrooms in the basement and I also want to add another level upstairs, with more exercise machines, and perhaps a little cafe/game/relaxation section too :)


The Squat - Landing

This area is basically an area of space on the upper floor that connects the bedrooms and bathrooms. The suitcases you see piled up on the left, belong to everyone who arrived, suitcase in hand, all those years ago after ‘successfully’ being accepted for what they thought was a few days of simple psychological tests in understanding human behavior and emotions, in this remote building, in exchange for 1000 Simoleons.

They didnt see the contents of their suitcases for several years until their freedom. The nine squatters opened theirs but the suitcases left from those who didnt make it this far have never been opened as a respect of their privacy, and are waiting for the next of kin (if any ever come this way) to collect the deceased possessions.


The Squat - Bedrooms

The bedrooms are split into ‘boys’ and 'girls’ but this isn’t set in stone so occasionally they will just sleep wherever. After years of not having a bed, they are all just happy to have a mattress to sleep on and don’t care who or what is also sharing the room with them!

The girls are all fairly artistic and creative so have tried to decorate their room a little. The beautiful antique dresser and mirror they salvaged from a skip a few miles away.

As for the boys room it is pretty simple and typically messy with dirty clothes often piling up. This room has the only double bed in the house (the rest are single or bunk beds) and as of today no woohooing or romancing has taken place… ;)


The Squat - Living Room / Dining Room

This area of the house use to be used primarily by the scientists as a ‘board room’ lets say. Now it is a humble living and dining area with beautiful views outside.

Most of the squatters hadn’t seen sunshine for years whilst imprisoned, so it took some time for their eyes to adjust to the light and inhabit this room with the imposing clock window.

They have collected many clocks to make a feature of this window, and give a constant reminder of time - the past, present and future.


The Squat - Relax Area / Hallway

This is a quiet little corner sectioned off for a private area to chill out and try and forget about the memories of when torture and scientific experiments were inflicted in this very building.

If you are wondering why they ‘squat’ this place and don’t just move out if they were subjected to such horrors - the simple answer is that there is nowhere else to go.

The surrounding area is pretty deserted and in the nearest city of Bridgeport (several weeks walk away) most people avoid them like the plague and whisper conspiracy theories amongst themselves. They mostly venture there for basic groceries and supplies if absolutely needed but money is running out fast…