BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, 2007, dir. Gábor Csupó

I may not have as much time as I need to see everything, but that is what makes it so special.

This well may be the greatest children’s movie ever made which exists to contemplate how kids get through feelings of isolation and grief. It is devastating but also uplifting. 

QueerEyeFullHeartNote: While a couple of minor moments (such as Jess’s lingering look here) may point to a childhood crush, I think it’s wonderful that this movie centers on the friendship of a boy and girl that is just about that - their friendship. Not one of them having an unrequited crush on the other till the last scene; not becoming friends because one was pining after the other. Just one lonely kid meeting a free spirit, two bullied kids becoming friends and escaping their demons together.


The archives team putting on the white gloves to reseal original animation cels from The Wild Thornberrys. Back in the day, animation cels with clear backgrounds would be placed over hand-painted backgrounds and photographed frame by frame to bring toons to life!