Snow white.

What can i say… A lot has happened within the past year and during my term as a board member it was a blast, but it is all bitter sweet now because i will not be able to capture the raw moments of the members faces enjoying what they love doing and being surrounded by those they love.  My 2nd family Csun circle K you guys have made me a better person and would not have asked for a better organization to be a part of.  Initially, when i came to CSUN, i was very lonely and even cried because i made no friends since i only commuted there, but i guess i was used to it since I’m used to being lonely despite having people always surrounded by me, but after joining csun cki, you guys made it all better and i am to call you my 2nd family and my college sky rocketed from there…

Mariel I’m not that expressive to tell you in a person, but thank you and i love how you convinced to be the historian for 2012-2013 I love you GIRL <3 because it brought joy to my heart that never really fluttered before this all happened.  I never realized it will hit me that i will only capture moments of the members by my eyes and not by my camera anymore… le sigh.  Well there goes another chapter of my life closed and now for a new one to begin… idk if i would be as active as member as I used to be, but my face will be there because the people make it up for it! If weren’t for any of them i would have left a long time ago.. i guess it’s time to put my snow white down for now and thanks for the memories….

love, T.P.