csu hunger strike

I am beginning to understand. The tyrants and the system that was made to control the people. That the system was made to screw people over. To hurt them and make them obey. To slowly hurt them. The people. The students. Everything in this system and society is obsolete. Human life has become meaningless. What makes it meaningless is the sick tyrants that we still have to regrettably call human. It is meaningless. Disgusting to see the smile upon their faces. While people are derived of education, he smiles and eats his dinners sound asleep. This tyrant, Charles Reed, its just the face of many, many. The demands we have given, denied, all but one. The greed. its disgusting. It makes me want to cry, almost. Is it the beginning or a failed attempt? I am hungry. This fast. I have learned much. Although it is not over but will be soon. I feel I have learned everything I need to learn. The battle, maybe even the war has been lost, but I have learned from it. That resistance is everything. It has given me inspiration to continue my anarchist ideology, and to put it into practice. Change is coming. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow. But it will happen. as the Zapatista influence has reached over many countries and have barely and slowly learning more and more of them. As the influence of others around me begins to take flight. As I begin to get ready.