I was tagged by iconsidermyselfmarriedtojohn dankeschön! (Und ich beantworte das jetzt als Mutti, denn ich, der Inhaber dieses accounts, bin ja eure Mutti, von demher macht’s keinen Unterschied)

1. Name?
Angela Merkel

2. Where are you from?

3. Favorite color?
Schwarz (Wählt CDU)

4. Favorite number(s)?
Über 50% :)

5. Favorite band/artist?
Angie und die SPD-fraction,
City Düser Ultra ft. City Sünder Ultra,
Panic! Im Bundestag,
All Time Politik,
My Christian Romance,
Fall Out FDP,
21 Politiker,
Bullet for my Wählergemeinde

6. Write something cute in caps

7. tag 8 people you’d like to know better
official-deutschland official-german-schulsystem official-baden-wuerttemberg official-nordrheinwestfalen official-niedersachsen

Interested in living on Catalina Island next semester?

CSU Marine Biology Catalina Semester is now accepting applications for Fall 2015!

 It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and get some real field experience. This semester is the reason I decided to go to grad school, it’s an amazing opportunity for undergrads, regardless of where you live.

It runs from 24 August 2015 – 9 December 2015. and you will be taking some awesome classes with professors from both CSULB and CSUN.

Do something cool with your life. APPLY IT RULES.

LA Times – California State University has hired the system’s first coordinator dedicated solely to enforcing gender discrimination laws and combating campus sexual violence, officials announced Friday.

Pamela Thomason will lead efforts at all 23 Cal State campuses to enforce state and federal laws, train faculty, staff, students and administrators, develop new initiatives and assist in investigations of harassment, retaliation and violence complaints.

Thomason, 57, previously served as the sexual harassment and Title IX officer at UCLA, as a regional attorney for the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as an attorney at the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.

Her position is believed to be the first representing an entire university system, officials said.

She is “a well-recognized authority on this topic who brings exceptional knowledge and experience with her to the CSU,” said Fram Virjee, Cal State’s executive vice chancellor and general counsel. “Her work will be vital to expanding the education and training of students, faculty and staff to tackle the issue of sexual violence in our campus communities.”

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