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ok but going costume shopping with tom ?? (i love you sm kal my bby ❤️❤️💖💖)

CORA!!! i’m so glad you stopped by, it’d give me the utmost pleasure to write this for you 💖 i love you to bits and pieces 💖 

  • tom is the absolute WORST person to go costume shopping with 
  • it takes forever because he feels the need to try on EVERYTHING that vaguely interests him 
  • he also thinks that it’s a good idea to try and pick out YOUR cstume (his choices are… not great) 
    • “hey love what about this one? sexy angel? that’s definitely you!” 
    • “tom! there’s no way that dress actually covers anything… put it back!!” 
    • “fiiiiiiiiine, but i think you would’ve looked great”
  • he’s just so excited, practically running through the store 
  • and you’re whisper-yelling at him because he’s attracting a lot of attention with all his excited yelling and you’re a bit embarrassed 
  • he tries on EVERY marvel costume he can find 
  • he’s enough of a loser that he actually tries on a spiderman costume, and he’s ready to buy it- luckily you talk him out of it 
  • he ends up being a knight (he quite enjoys the costume) and you’re his princess 
  • it’s pretty basic but you guys look cute as hell and everyone LOVES it 
  • tom makes puns and crappy jokes about your costumes all the way home and you have to whack him various times to get him to stop 
  • he puts on your tiara for a bit 
  • you take a picture and it becomes your most liked picture on instagram 
  • even though you were shopping for liek four hours, you had a great time and it was totally worth it in the end

anonymous asked:

the whole fall ship meme with egobang.

Who’s obsessed with pumpkin spice everything:
Arin, 100%

Who screams obscenities during football games:
Danny, obviously. Arin watches Dan screaming at the football instead of watching the actual football itself, because it’s more entertaining.

Who hides in the bushes and scares kids on Halloween:
Probably Arin tbh. Dan does that cute little giggle and says he’s “So childish,” but doesn’t tell him to stop either.

Who wears nothing but flannels from September 1st til Christmas:
Dan. But only because Arin insisted on buying him new clothes for the season and these were super cosy, also Danny thinks they’re comfy as hell, so

Who tries to carve jack-o-lanterns but accidentally crushes the pumpkin:
Danny. Arin makes a super freaky looking artistic pumpkin which puts Dan’s clumsiness to shame.

Who clings to the other and whimpers their way through the haunted house:

Who rakes the leaves:

Who jumps in the pile of freshly-raked leaves:
Dan. Because he can be childish too. 

Who checks the Halloween candy for poison and syringes:
definitely Danny. Arin just wants t get at the free goodies, but an’s too much of a worried mother hen.

Who got drunk and inappropriate on the hayride:
I mean, Arin won’t drink, so it’d have to be Dan. HOWEVER it’s much more likely they both got stoned and were a little inappropriate

Who went as Batman and who goes as Robin:
Danny’s robin. And Arin makes sure it’s the skimpier costume too, because Dan has the legs for it.

Who went as Sonny and who goes as Cher:
Arin was Cher. He called dibs. Dan wasn’t getting thta cstume evn if he wanted it. 

Their couple costume this year:
Mario and Luigi. Because Dan loves Luigi and honestly, Arin has no problem with dresing up like Mario, especially not since he and Dan do the impressions too

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