Moonstone by csticcoart
Gender: nonbinary
Pronouns: she/her
Sexual Orientation
: pansexual, masculine preference
Height: 5’00”
Weapon: reverse crescent bat’leth, iridescent metallic with inlaid gems. Doubles as both weapon and shield.
Gem Type: moonstone (sodium potassium aluminum silicate)
Likes: movies, dancing, teasing friends
Dislikes: hyperactivity
Hobbies: plant cultivation
Talents/Skills: rhythm games
Personality: A bit serious, takes time to warm up. Loyal, protective, and thoughtful. Deadpan wit.
Fusion Preference: Collaborate

Price check on aisle these dorks
Liis Silly Voice/Zaiawolf
Price check on aisle these dorks

Uh oh, more Toriel and Sans, do these two ever get tired of their nonsense?

Again me and @zaiawolf (Sans and Papyrus) dubbed another cute comic! This time by @csticcoart who has a VERY adorable artstyle and if you like this dub, please check out the original comic and also all of her other art!

Toby Fox is the creator of undertale and all undertale related by-products, including the music added in this dub