Constellations MV: Hello Bubble.

First Movie Clip.

The 1th mini album: Expectation.

By Cube Entertainment.

Classifying Stars: Brightness

Measuring star brightness is an ancient idea. Star brightness is also defined in terms of apparent magnitude.The brighter a star looked from Earth, the higher magnitude a star was. Nowadays, astronomers have better tools to obtain precise calculations.

The brightness of a star can depend on the size and temperature of a star. Luminosity classes are determined from spectral features and photometric measurements, coupled with information regarding the distance to the star and theamount of extinction of the starlight from interstellar material.


Tonight was our opening for Beauty and the Beast!Finally.A whole summer of hard work is being paid off. And… The kids were simply amazing tonight.

I feel like a proud mother you guys. Really. I can’t stop crying tears of joy, and telling each of my little nuggets just how talented and amazing they truly are. I love them all to pieces, and have no idea what I’m going to do with my life once they’re no longer a part of it…

But I won’t think about that now.

The show is only this weekend, so I’m going to enjoy every last second of it all. I’ll deal with the ending when it gets here……



CStars Medley Special in Event.

Jelly: Roupa verde.

MyA: De boné.

Summer: Loira.

Yul: Roupa preta

HyoLee: Roupa branca.

A líder estava em uma entrevista de imprensa.