How to set up and use a C Stand

So, I heard you want to set up (and use) a C Stand. Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s super easy and can be set up in 3 steps.

Step 1. Hold the C Stand on your shoulder with the feet in front of you.

(Like this)

Step 2. You’ll see a little latch that says “Pull.” Guess what you have to do. Pull it! Keep that latch pulled and spin the C stand 360 degrees (or more if you have an old one that doesn’t want to play along).  The feet will lock into place.

Step 3. Put the C Stand down. Easy, right? WRONG! There is a certain way you want to place your stand so no one gets hurt. You will see that the three legs are different sizes.  You want the biggest leg to be pointed to where you want the stand to fall the LEAST, usually towards your talent.  Once you have it facing the right direction, put a sandbag, or something else heavy, on the biggest leg.  

(Dude, nice sandbag)

There you go, you’re done! Good job, I knew you could do it. 

Now if you want to use the C stand (why would you set it up if you didn’t plan on using it?) here’s a tip when using the arms.

Make sure all the knobs/handles/whatever you want to call them are on the right side of the C Stand.

(As in, not the left side)

         But Patrick, why would that matter?

I’m glad you asked, The way the stand is made, if you have all the knobs on the right side, any weight on the end will turn them clockwise, making their hold tighter (righty tighty, lefty loosey). Now you don’t have to worry about anything coming off. 

Welp there you go, you now know the basics of setting up and using a C Stand. Happy Shooting!

A friend of mine posted this photo via FB. If you can’t tell the importance of this photo is the fact he’s using a C-Stand, a common filmmaking tool, to let his laundry dry. This represents two things. 1. Ingenuity 2. The overbearing fact the film industry is not a get rich scheme. The myth of the easy wealth in filmmaking is false and a susceptible trap for young filmmakers who do not realize the harshness of the industry #filmmaking #film #cstand #movies #LA

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I have eight of these bad boys. You don’t need that many but at least get two for your kit. @bhphoto

Can you guess why they are called C/Century Stands? 😉

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