Stand Origin: With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

Appearance Classification: Other
Stand Type: Bound Stand

Stand Appearance: As the Stand is bound to Cosmic Energy, it could be said that 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 takes the form of the suit generated by the Fourze Driver.

Stand Parameters:

  • Destructive Potential: B
  • Speed: B
  • Range: A
  • Durability: B
  • Precision: B
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 is activated whenever Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze. But unlike the powers of the Astroswitches at Fourze’s command, the ability of 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 is deceptively simple. 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 multiplies Gentaro’s power by the number of people present whom Gentaro considers to be his friends. This ability can also be shared with people Gentaro considers as his friends, but this facet of 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 only tends to come into play when Gentaro fights in tandem with other Kamen Riders.

Other: The nature of this Stand does not allow it to appear separate from the user like most Stands. As such, the following picture is inaccurate. I really wanted to include it, though.

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User: Willis Albinoni (Nickname: White)
Stand: Cold Play
User Bio:  An Italian snowboarder who exhibits great curiosity in people’s behavior and actions but is overall a quiet man. During his childhood, he injured his frontal lobe in a traffic accident that makes him hard to express and understand emotions well, and he tends to get himself into trouble due to careless thinking.  There is a rumor that he works with a shady organization since he tends to mysteriously vanish for a few days or weeks (even during his sport’s competitive season), only to reappear a few days later with suspicious injuries. 

Stand Stats:  

  • Destructive Power: C
  • Speed: E
  • Range: A
  • Durability: E
  • Precision: A
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: Creates cryo bombs that rapidly disperses heat down to almost absolute zero and coats everything hit by the blast with ice. CP is a Long Distance Stand, which allows White to control his Stand from far distances and precisely target and bombard his opponents with powerful cryo bombs. CP is not suited for close combat, but it gives White the ability to generate ice around his hands and arms to form a temporary shield or a weapon.

anonymous asked:

Giovanni from Pokémon please! Actually...I see you've done Cyrus and Guzma, so any of the other bosses if you're so inclined.

I got a name in mind for Archie, but I dunno about any of the others.

For now we’ll stick with Giovanni

Stand Master: 「GIOVANNI」
Stand Name: 「WANT TO RULE」
Stand Origin: “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Tears For Fears

Appearance Classification: Natural Humanoid

Stand Type: Long-distance

Stand Appearance:  「WANT TO RULE」is a green-skinned and yellow-eyed humanoid stand roughly as tall as its user, while missing its right pinky finger. It resembles both a classical American Gangster and a Yakuza gangster and wears a red zoot suit and matching fedora with an exposed chest, revealing a blue Gyardos face tattoo that trails off over its shoulder, hinting at a larger tattoo on its back.

Stand Parameters: (On an E-A scale where E is very low, C is the capability of an average human and A is very excellent)

  • Destructive Potential: B
  • Speed: C
  • Range: A
  • Durability: E
  • Precision: A
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: 

  • 「OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE」:  This stand’s ability activates when Giovanni defeats an opponent in a pokemon battle, provided that prior to said battle the would-be loser has consented to the terms of doing a “favor” that Giovanni wishes them to perform should they lose. 
  • If the opponent has lost, a bullseye appears on their back that is invisible to non-stand users. Should they perform the task Giovanni asks of them, it will disappear. If they fail, 「WANT TO RULE」snaps its fingers and produces a bullet to strike the person dead. Stand users whose stands have high precision can witness the bullet right before it strikes (and perhaps even stop it). 
  • Giovanni can force only one favor per victory, and as long as Giovanni believes the target can complete its task, the contract is valid. The request to “Sprout wings and fly” is not valid unless he would genuinely believe you could do so. Should it prove physically impossible to perform a task (for example, if he were to ask Josuke to use Crazy Diamond to heal himself), the request will be changed to something else.
For the Samurai Jack finale, a Stand for Ashi

Stand Master: 「Ashi」
Stand Name: 「Darker Side Of Me」
Stand Origin: The Veer Union - Darker Side Of Me

Appearance Classification: Natural Humanoid

Stand Type: Close-Range Stand/Wearable Stand

Stand Appearance: When Ashi calls her Stand, it appears behind her as the Aku-fied form, pitch black with the flaming eyebrows and horns, angular and menacing. The Stand is thin, but the horns and claws are incredible sharp. The Wearable Stand type comes from the way the Stand’s black shell covers her own body over time.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: B
Speed: A
Range: C
Precision: B
Durability: B
Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability:  「Darker Side Of Me」is a fast, slice and dice Stand that uses its horns, claws, and speed to rush enemies and cut through them. Ashi calls on the Stand when facing powerful enemies that she couldn’t take with her own strength. However, 「Darker Side Of Me」attempts to take control of Ashi the longer she uses it, spreading over her body until she is enveloped, at which point the Stand has full control. It is unknown if Ashi can reverse this, so she does not rely on her Stand for long fights.

>JJFS: Create another Stand to celebrate 4/13

Stand Master: 「VRISKA SERKET」
Stand Name: 「ROLL THE 8ONES」
Stand Origin: “Roll the Bones” by Rush

Appearance Classification: Humanoid

Stand Type: Close Range Combat

Stand Appearance: This stand resembles a skeletal version of Mindfang, complete with pirate hat, large orange horns, and cutlass. The left eye glows red with 7 small black dots inside, shifting around. The pommel of the cutlass contains the Fluorite Octet.

Stand Parameters:
Destructive Potential: B
Speed: A
Range: C
Durability: C
Precision: B
Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: 「ROLL THE 8ONES」is primarily a com8at Stand, armed with a large cutlass used to slice, dice, and rip 8odies apart. It is fast and accurate, 8ut lacks range, putting「VRISKA SERKET」at the front lines—exactly where she wants to 8e. The pommel of the cutlass wielded by 「ROLL THE 8ONES」contains the Fluorite Octet, which when swung rolls numerical com8inations. Depending on the num8er of 8’s rolled in the pommel, its power increases with that swing. Rolling all 8’s… the chance of a lifetime for a highly unpredicta8le attack. No 8’s means no power in that strike, making every attack a risk.

How to set up and use a C Stand

So, I heard you want to set up (and use) a C Stand. Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s super easy and can be set up in 3 steps.

Step 1. Hold the C Stand on your shoulder with the feet in front of you.

(Like this)

Step 2. You’ll see a little latch that says “Pull.” Guess what you have to do. Pull it! Keep that latch pulled and spin the C stand 360 degrees (or more if you have an old one that doesn’t want to play along).  The feet will lock into place.

Step 3. Put the C Stand down. Easy, right? WRONG! There is a certain way you want to place your stand so no one gets hurt. You will see that the three legs are different sizes.  You want the biggest leg to be pointed to where you want the stand to fall the LEAST, usually towards your talent.  Once you have it facing the right direction, put a sandbag, or something else heavy, on the biggest leg.  

(Dude, nice sandbag)

There you go, you’re done! Good job, I knew you could do it. 

Now if you want to use the C stand (why would you set it up if you didn’t plan on using it?) here’s a tip when using the arms.

Make sure all the knobs/handles/whatever you want to call them are on the right side of the C Stand.

(As in, not the left side)

         But Patrick, why would that matter?

I’m glad you asked, The way the stand is made, if you have all the knobs on the right side, any weight on the end will turn them clockwise, making their hold tighter (righty tighty, lefty loosey). Now you don’t have to worry about anything coming off. 

Welp there you go, you now know the basics of setting up and using a C Stand. Happy Shooting!