I haven’t been able to blog recently because I’ve been so busy with a lot of stuff the past months doing mostly WinRT application development. Our company Magenic Manila (Rivereo Inc., a subsidiary of Magenic) started an internal contest (and I hear Rocky Lohtka himself will be one of the judges! Sweet!). In short a brief stint in product development (at last). I am practically still a newbie with regards to WinRT but the experience I had with Silverlight/WPF development allowed for an easy transition. As of this moment, here is my report regarding WinRT:

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Types of CSS Selectors | CSS

Types of CSS Selectors | CSS

CSS SELECTORS Selectors  are used to define rules that apply to only a selected set of HTML elements. Selector identifies those markup elements to which the CSS style(s) will be applied. Types of CSS Selectors: Universal Selector Attribute Selector Class Selector ID Selector Pseudo-classes Dynamic pseudo-classes The target pseudo-class The language pseudo-class Structural pseudo-classes The…

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