Izuki as a web designer...

#kuroko {
        visibility: hidden;

 #akashi {
        position: absolute;

 #murasakibara {
        display: block;

 .misdirection {
        overflow: visible;

 #kuroko .guns {
        display: flex;


Scalable Backgrounds in CSS


domcas​ and I are proud to present this new HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE and FULLY FUNCTIONING updates tab!

Tired of broken code? Tired of trying to hover on tabs only for them to disappear? WELL STEP RIGHT UP AND PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW UPDATES TAB!

(Yes this is the one I use on my blog currently, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?)

| Preview |


  1. Reblog this post
  2. Don’t remove credit
  3. That’s it! Have fun customising!!
  4. (If you want to use as base code you MUST include credit and ASK FOR MY permission because I spent an insane amount of time on this, BE COOL GUYS)

How to install:

1. Paste this code AFTER <head> and before <style>

2. Paste this code AFTER <style> and before <body>

3. Paste this code AFTER <body> and before </body>



<!–Custom font –>

<script src=“//use.edgefonts.net/alex-brush;astloch;aubrey;bonbon:n4:all;butterfly-kids;cookie;crafty-girls;dawning-of-a-new-day;dr-sugiyama;engagement.js”></script>

ABOVE <head> if you want font to work :D


Instructions are within the code, if you have ANY problems send me an ASK. If you need help customizing it be as detailed as possible.

This features 6 tabs but you can easily remove some of them by deleting the code if that’s what you wish :)

Also as you can see there’s a lot of easy customizing in the user interface (screencap above)

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you have any suggestions for my next updates tab. Thanks and enjoy!

Finally I wish to give a thanks to Slutjensen; she was a crucial part of this. Go and check out her themes here.


Theme 09: 

Previews 1 / 2 / code


  • 400 px or 250px posts
  • 225px sidebar image
  • four custom links
  • highly customizable 
  • add background image and chose for it to repeat or cover
  • chose to show like and reblog buttons
  • show tags and captions on indexpage
  • controll all colors on the theme
  • have updates and faq on the theme 
  • chose inverted tumblr controls 
  • plus many more


  • IMPORTANT! If using the faq, replace USERNAME in the code with your username so that the asks sent will be directed to you!
  • please like/reblog if using 
  • don’t remove credit!
  • maybe support with a follow? 
  • feel free to edit but don’t claim as your own 
Why my graduation was so special to me personally.

And why my graduation felt so special and why it was so special.

All my life, I was mocked for my stuttering. I can still hear the mocking laughs and jokes in my head today. I was told I would have a hard time communicating and would always stutter. While that is true, I am content to accept stutter as part of my life. I feel that I have overcome and handle this part of my life well thanks to the love of my parents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

I remember all the jokes like “ Did you forget your name”? Or some rude comments like “ Talking is easy, just spit it out”. I remember all the laughs in the background in the class-room when I got up to read or when it was the first day of school, and I had to say my name on the first day of school. 

I remember every morning since I was 7 or 8, I walk in my bathroom and try to do some speech tips that people have given me.  Then, I try to say my name fluently 10 straight times ( People with stuttering have trouble saying their name the most). Then I look in the mirror  and think “I wonder what jokes I’ll hear today”. 

Guys and Girls are usually scared of rejection with dating. I am not scared of rejection with dating. Rejection is normal with everything. But, what I’m scared of dating is someone laughing in my face again when I stutter. I remember the first time, I tried to ask a girl out. I stuttered when I asked her out. She said no, rejection felt bad. But, that wasn’t the worst feeling. The worst feeling was when she laughed in my face when I stuttered and said “ Maybe if you didn’t stutter” and walked away and started laughing and gossiped to her friends. Rejection was nothing, but her laughing in my face about my stutter and talking to her friends about it was the worst feeling about the whole situation. 

In my life, teachers have told me that I would never have a full paying job because of my stutter. One teacher even stated that I will only work for McDonalds. I have a full time job working for the State of California for the past three years with two promotions.

Lastly, but not least, teachers and students and even College counselors have said to me that because of my stutter- I am stupid and semi mentally challenged therefore I will
never graduate with a College degree. This weekend, I graduated with a B.S degree in Health Information Management degree from St. Scholastica.
Any more challenges? I will gladly accept your challenge and prove you wrong every single time.

And also,I want to  thank the  College of St. Scholastica for taking a chance on me. Without this organization, this would never have happened. You took a chance on me and I hope I made you proud. You made me discover if you have determination and hard work, nothing is impossible. I am forever grateful on what you did for my life and I hope I can repay of what you done in my life. I am forever a Saint and I am proud to be one. You guys made a fantasy turn into a reality.