We were lucky enough to go to Creative Social’s lastest get together and had the frankly awesome Charlotte Mary Rose write up the event for us. 

Creative Social  at LBi  was a real blast as expected. With my mandatory glass of white wine in hand, I took my seat to listen to Abi Ellis, Group CD for LBi, Andy Cutbill former Creative Director at R/GA and Patrick Collister, Head of Design at Google. Between them, they basically had a good old-fashioned, collective rant about the industry previously known as advertising! Though I am still not sure if I am completely comfortable with all the obscenities that flow through these gatherings, I am learning to shut up and put up… (Patrick actually told me that his kids have a ‘P-SWEAR JAR’ at home and they once made over £350 in one weekend!)

Andy spent his slot expounding his dismay about the fact that creativity is fast-becoming a commodity-aspect of marketing. He proposed a rejuvenation to the structure of creative agencies and desires smarter creative minds to fight back with more value for our respective clients; with less dependency on data, smart minds can and should better understand and generate creative business solutions to marketing problems which will consequently create fresher, more innovative advertising as standard.

Abi, (who is hilarious by the way) has definitely got the right idea. I literally felt like she was therapeutically-counselling the creative industry with her pink hair, heels and leopard print. She was preaching that there is a place for pace. “Slow the f*ck down…” she bellowed through her microphone. Creatives must learn to enjoy the process again, we must question creative work and self-edit at every possible opportunity. She thinks that we are focusing our attention too much into the wrong areas and argued that the right areas to find inspiration are sometimes unexpected. I suppose lateral thought does occur when we let our minds wonder, so she was actively encouraging us to mix up our environment in a war against, (or at least a pledge to shut down) the useless machine.


You can read more of Charlotte’s writing (and you most definitely should)  at http://charlottemaryrose.com/blog/2013/9/5/so-whats-wrong-with-advertising
And thanks to http://creativesocialblog.com/ for supplying the photography for this post. 

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