Schopni projektovy manazeri existuji!

Spolecnost pro projektove rizeni Ceska Republika (http://www.cspr.cz) poradala tento tyden mini-konferenci o tom, kam se projektove rizeni v CR ubira. 

Pocatecni pesimusmus opadl v okamziku prvnich prednasek od clenu CSPR.

Skvela zkusenost, konecne videt profesionalni projektove manazery a ne jen jejich napodobeniny.

Priste pojedu zase.

I cant take this.

I would give eveything I have to just sit beside you, to breathe your air.
To feel your warmth radiating into me.
To do stupid shit, like chew on the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger, or the back of your knuckle.
To make you laugh so hard your nose crinkles and you look like a cat.
To have sushi dates in the living room and watch B movies endlessly.
To listen to you singing about hair extentions.
To gently trace my fingers across your skin just to hear you sigh happily until you fall asleep, then to watch you carefully while you sleep to make sure that you are always breathing.

Edit: cant even go on becausr it fuckking hurts too bad.

[11:17:30 PM] Vincent | Purple Guy: du de i heard knocking on my wall))

What the fuc k is this)

What the fuck is that)

No mother fucker better be pulling a fucking Casper on me or i swear to gog-))
[11:17:55 PM] Jeremy Fitzgerald: cspr eth frndly gost ))