User: Willis Albinoni (Nickname: White)
Stand: Cold Play
User Bio:  An Italian snowboarder who exhibits great curiosity in people’s behavior and actions but is overall a quiet man. During his childhood, he injured his frontal lobe in a traffic accident that makes him hard to express and understand emotions well, and he tends to get himself into trouble due to careless thinking.  There is a rumor that he works with a shady organization since he tends to mysteriously vanish for a few days or weeks (even during his sport’s competitive season), only to reappear a few days later with suspicious injuries. 

Stand Stats:  

  • Destructive Power: C
  • Speed: E
  • Range: A
  • Durability: E
  • Precision: A
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: Creates cryo bombs that rapidly disperses heat down to almost absolute zero and coats everything hit by the blast with ice. CP is a Long Distance Stand, which allows White to control his Stand from far distances and precisely target and bombard his opponents with powerful cryo bombs. CP is not suited for close combat, but it gives White the ability to generate ice around his hands and arms to form a temporary shield or a weapon.