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Tessa X Hairstyles: Ponytail

As you could see, these past few days, i’ve been updating this blog to try new things. This year, i’ll post about the different hairstyles that Tessa has worn on the ice. 

I want to introduce this post by showing you the classic ponytail hairstyle that Tessa has worn. It’s one of my favorites ! 

It has been worn during the:

2011 - Worlds Free dance

2011-2012 - Short dance (all season)

2012 Worlds Gala + CSOI

2012-2013 - Carmen Free dance

2016-2017 - Prince Short dance & Latch Free dance

Ice shows:

CSOI (2012) -  Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

CSOI (2014) -  Top Hat and Tail

CSOI (2016) -  What’s Love Got to Do with It 

There’s many other times that she has used this hairstyle, but these are a great highlight ! Up next: The half updo !


I hope that you like this ! :)

Don’t hesitate to comment below or send me an ask if you have any other idea.