Por un ERROR!! Dentro de la JAULA!! | ZOO TYCOON Episodio 7 | WILLYREX Y VEGETTA

MIN: 22:36

(Willy esta bañando a Ulises el elefante)

W: Ala ala te prometo que esta súper contento hee

V: hombre como no va a estar contento, le estas dando con tu manguera en toa’ la cara

W: pero ellos también tienen trompa hee

V: si si si, todos tenemos trompas aquí willy ( ͡͡°͜ ʖ ͡°)

Creo que ya sabemos por que vegetta esta contento todos los días, con tanta positividad :v


Y/N: *answers the door* who are you?

Carl: Y/N, this is Negan.

Y/N: why the fuck did you bring him?

Negan: oh come on, you’re not excited to see me?

Y/N: so this is the Negan you’re scared of? He’s old, he’s probably gonna have a heart attack in about two years. Hell, let’s stab a knife in there now, give his heart a jump start.

Negan: holy shit, *laughs* you scare the shit out of me. Can you do me a favour, sweetheart? Go get me a cup of water, please.

Y/N: if your crusty ass wants some water, go get it your fucking self.

Negan: well fuck, I like her.

*Not spn but I really wanted to do a Negan imagine*

a boy: mmhmmm whatcha thinking about ;) 

me: hahaha :) nothing ;) 

me *on the inside*:  during their final home champions league match of the year, against Club Atlético de Madrid, on the 6th of december in the year of our lord two thousand and sixteen, during the twenty eighth minute of the first half, robert lewandowski scored from a free kick just outside the penalty box. to celebrate, he placed the ball under his shirt and mimicked sucking his thumb, pointing in the direction of his wife and thus announced her pregnancy with their first child. His wife, Anna, won the bronze medal at the 2009 Karate World Cup.They married on 22 June 2013 i-