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Playlist: moonlight drive

‘Moonlight Drive’

1) Nights In White Satin- The Moody Blues

2) Renaissance Fair- The Byrds

3) Guinevere- CSN&Y

4) Wooden Ships- CSN&Y

5) Not To Touch The Earth- The Doors

6) Touch Me- The Doors

7) Crimson and Clover- Tommy James & The Shondells

8) Atlantis- Donovan

9) Legend of a Mind- The Moody Blues


I was listening to the 70′s channel on the satellite this morning when this song came on. It was a big hit when I was younger and I always enjoyed it. I preferred America to those dreary hippies in CSN&Y anytime. Still do. One thing struck me about this song today: The bass playing. It’s Joe Osborne and he’s playing his ass off. He’s not too “busy” on this track, he serves the song like a pro should, but he lifts it from a catchy, disposable song to one that merits return listens. Which is something only the greats do. So thanks Joe Osborne for making America great. Again.