I have uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show you how to make a flower beaded kumihimo bracelet. Please feel free to go and have a look and give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy.


I have uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show you how to make a beaded wirework macrame braided bracelet. Please feel free to go and have a look and give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy.


I have uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show you how to make an American flag beaded kumihimo bracelet, that’s perfect for the 4th of July. Please feel free to go and have a look and give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy.


My favourite cords and where I buy them

This week I want to talk about my favourite cords to use, what I like to use them for and also where I buy them. I will be mentioning four different kinds of cord and explaining what I like about each one. I also have a video on my Youtube channel to go alongside this blogpost where I show the cords and also what I like to use them for more specifically.

My favourite cords video

The first cord that I am going to talk about is satin cord. More specifically 1mm satin cord. Satin cord comes in different thicknesses like 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm and I do use them all, but I use the 1mm thickness by far the most. Satin cord has a lovely sheen and softness to it and will transfer that into any piece you make with it, and that can be one reason why I sometimes choose this type of cord over another. I use it mostly for macrame, macrame bracelets in particular, and kumihimo braids where I want the cord to be the feature of the braid and create the pattern rather than beads. 

I buy it mostly on large reels of 91m (100 yards) as it is much more cost effective in the long run and I am less likely to run out while I am in the middle of a project. I will either buy these reels on www.amazon.co.uk or eBay and the prices range from £3-6 per reel. So those are really good prices compared to how much you get on a reel and the quality is great in my personal opinion. The sellers of these reels will often be from China, which means that the shipping will be from China, so the delivery will take a bit longer but I personally haven’t had any problems. 

The next cord that is one of my favourite cords is Chinese knotting cord. You can also get this cord in different thicknesses but I tend to use 0.8mm the most. This is more matte than the satin cord and has more of a texture to it. I also buy this on large reels of 135m each, as some of my projects call for a lot of cord and it is also more cost effective. I also buy these reels from either www.amazon.co.uk or eBay and the prices range from £3-4 per reel. These are also mostly Chinese sellers so the same principles as for the satin cord and this is also he best quality of this cord that I have personally tried.

The third of my favourite cords is s-lon Tex 135. This cord is 0.4mm in thickness so much thinner than the previous cords and therefore has other uses that it is more suited for. I use this mostly for micro macrame and beaded kumihimo as it is a very strong cord, so your final piece is going to be very durable. It is actually made from the same material as seat belts are made of. The s-lon also comes in different thicknesses, both thinner and thicker than the Tex 135 and has different uses. There is also something called c-lon, which is exactly the same cord and they in fact come from the same factory, but they are just sold under different names and will also vary in the size of the reels. This cord can be bought in most jewellery making supply shops, both online and in-store in some variation, but some shops will stock the s-lon and some will stock the c-lon, and the prices vary at around £2 per reels depending where you buy them. 

The last favourite I am going to go through is a nylon thread, which is also the thinnest of all the cords I have gone through. It is about 0.35mm in thickness and has a smoother finish to it. I mostly use this for micro macrame and will also use this for practise pieces and experimenting with, as there is much more on the reels than the other cords. It is more of a slippery thread so it is a little harder to work with than the other cords, but I still use this for certain projects. There are over 300m on a reel, so it will last a long time before running out. This thread can be bought online in places like eBay and Easy and also occasionally on www.jewellerymaker.com and the prices vary form place to place, but they can sometimes be bought in bundles which makes them even more cost effective. 

My ideal jewellery making situation

This week I want to share my favourite jewellery making situation with you, and would also love to hear yours. It doesn’t often come around for me to enjoy (in fact only once a year), but I got to enjoy the experience this week. So I think about what medium of jewellery making I feel like ‘playing’ with and that day decided on working on a wirework design I have been wanting to do for a while now, and then I get all the materials and tools ready so I don’t have to interrupt to much during, if I can avoid it. I then turn on the tv, set it to the right channel, and wait for the programme to start. And finally, after a whole year, the final of the Snooker world championship starts, and I’ve got hours of exciting snooker to look forward to. I enjoy watching snooker whenever it’s on, but there is something special about the final in the world championship. And I knew I had hours of snooker and jewellery making in front of me to enjoy, as the final stretches over two day. And I certainly enjoyed both the snooker and the jewellery making, the only downside is that now there is a full year until it comes around again, but until then I will just have to ‘settle’ for some of my second favourite jewellery making situations. 

So that is my ideal jewellery making situation, and I would love to know what yours is. 

One year on Facebook.

This week I want to talk about having had my business page on Facebook for one year and the progress that has happened in that time. Monday this week was the one year anniversary for my business page on Facebook and I am amazed at the growth I have experiences. In the year that has passed I have gained well over 800 likes on my page, which I am so grateful for and never thought would happen so fast. I have also had so much positivity, support and kindness from everyone that follows my page and I greatly appreciate that, and that is a big part of what helps me to keep doing what I am doing and enjoying it. To me positivity is the most important part of my life but also something that can be so hard to gain or keep, so all the support I have had on my Facebook page it such a great help for me. 

So thank you to everyone who has been and still is a part of it, and hopefully it will keep growing and spreading positivity both to myself and to everyone that is a part of this page.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone and to let you know that I greatly appreciate everything. And who knows what the future brings.

New medium - Soutache

I currently work mainly with the mediums macrame, micro-macrame, wirework and kumihimo and I absolutely love all of them, but I also have a long list of other mediums of jewellery making that I want to get into. Unfortunately time prevents me from jumping into them all at the same time, so I will work on incorporating them into my jewellery making one at a time. 

The first one I have delved into and finally gotten around to getting materials for is soutache. I have been fascinated by this medium and wanted to do it for a long time, and have come up with plenty of design and experimenting ideas in all that time, for when I finally managed to get a hold of some. And that time has finally come. 

I have gotten hold of a range of colours of the soutache cord and also both the backing material and ultra suede, and I will continue to get some more colours of the soutache cord from different places, to try different suppliers out. 

So I will be working with this new medium and experimenting with different designs and hopefully be bringing you tutorials on this medium in the near future. So if that sounds interesting to you, please stay tuned.

I would like to announce that I now have my own website. If you visit it you will find a portfolio of my work, a shop where I have selected pieces for sale, a blog that I have started and will be updating regularly with news, thoughts, experiment and other things and a few other things. Please feel free to go and have a look and I hope you like it