Dear Pluto
You were discovered February 18th 1930
This exactly 70 years before I was born
This means we have the same birthday
We share a date that means nothing to both if us but makes me feel more connected to you
Pluto , when they finally told you that you existed in our solar system
Did it make you feel less empty ? Did it make the enteral darkness feel like home
Did their validation make you feel like you we’re worth something ?
My love , i know what it’s like to need other people’s validation in order to feel like I’m worth anything
I know what it feels like
To find home in the darkness
To be scared of the light
Pluto did hurt when they shed what they saw you as?
Did you feel yourself shrink as they told you , that you were less then you they thought
Did you scream but no one could even hear?
I was trying to sing you a love song , reminding you that existed long before we ever saw you and you will long after any of us do
Pluto I remember the first time I saw a picture of you , you were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed
You were lovely in every single way
You wear you heart on your skin
And I know whats that like
Trying to let other people see all of you
But they never even try to look
I know the pain of leaving your heart out in the cold over night
Trying to remember how much it easier it was
When you were still warm
Before they tore away our title
My darling
I understand you
We have much more in common than a date that means nothing
Pluto , I love you
—  csl


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if interested

Topaz Blue/grey interior
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anonymous asked:

I am actually really curious about Tatara's backstory. It has been hinted at for so much time, plus I am really curious about his clan and his interactions with Houji.

Me too!

Regarding Tatara’s backstory: We know that he was a member of Chi She Lian that was lead by his older brother, and that’s likely who was pictured with Tatara in that Root A ED card, and the person who owned Tatara’s mask before.

We know that the CCG cooperated with the Chinese version of the CCG to attack CSL, and that Houji was among them, and that he killed people close to Tatara and made them into quinques. And Tatara holds a grudge.

But I really want to know more about CSL and Tatara’s past too, it’s about time we got more info. (I’m so glad that his family connection to CSL was finally confirmed, and we learned his brother was the leader.) I hope we see more soon. ;;