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What's the most difficult skill for a CEO?

Being an entrepreneur, being a CEO, being around other CEO’s and having worked with other CEO’s I find this to be an important blog post from Ben Horowitz

“By far the most difficult skill for me to learn as CEO was the ability to manage my own psychology. Organizational design, process design, metrics, hiring and firing were all relatively straightforward skills to master compared to keeping my mind in check. Over the years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of CEOs all with the same experience. Nonetheless, very few people talk about it, and I have never read anything on the topic. It’s like the fight club of management: The first rule of the CEO psychological meltdown is don’t talk about the psychological meltdown.

At risk of violating the sacred rule, I will attempt to describe the condition and prescribe some techniques that helped me. In the end, this is the most personal and important battle that any CEO will face.”

CSK Focus on Sustainability

Today we launched our corporate garden. Chad and I (Paul) talked about this a few weeks ago and talked about a loose plan for planting our garden at the CSK offices in West Knoxville. Chad scoped out the spot, and he and his wife put the garden together today. These are the specs:

  • 640 lbs of topsoil
  • 50 lbs of manure compost
  • 3 cubic feet of peat moss compressed 
  • 1 green bell
  • 1 yellow bell
  • 1 banana pepper
  • 3 burp-less cucumbers with small trellis
  • 5 beefsteak tomatoes
  • And a soaker hose for easy watering
  • Fertilized with seaweed concentrate. 

The natural question is why? We believe that sustainability of this earth is critical and take it seriously. Recently we implemented a corporate wellness program, contributing to our employees HSA for various activities such as annual physicals, gym memberships, trail, road and bike races and much more. Shortly after implemented our “snack” policy, eradicating our office of most processed foods,sugars, high-fructose corn syrup and any junk food and replacing them with granola, oatmeal, nuts, fresh fruit, dried fruit, water and vitamin water.

The next step was our garden and here it is. Come by and get some tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers!